Don’t Miss Out on These Essentials For Your MDM Solution

Essentials For MDM Solution

With smartphones overtaking usual business operations, the need for mobile security is gaining momentum. As per a Forbes article, more than 85% of enterprises rely on mobile device management solutions to enhance their network security.

Before we dive into the must-haves, let me give a brief snapshot of mobile device management (MDM). It’s a centralized IT software that helps companies to monitor and manage mobile devices within their organization. It does not end there. It also comes with a wide variety of tools, such as enterprise management and application management.

But, as they say, “Not one size fits all.” MDM solutions can’t be like a template that works for all business niches. However, there are some essentials that an MDM must have to do the job for your organization.

Discover Pain Points to Develop Specific Settings

There are primarily two reasons that an organization invests in an MDM tool.

  • Reduce support costs
  • Increase overall security of hand-held devices in an organization

Even though the reasons are similar, every organization has different mobility pain points. So, the MDM tool must be able to fix relevant pain points. So, taking the time to create a roadmap and framework of your management tool must be on the top of your must-haves.

For example, if your company is facing data usage or data overcharges issues, then using device settings that help employees within limits is an excellent option to have besides other essentials.

Create a Compatible Solution That Supports Every System And Technology

With technology evolving every passing year, it’s essential to develop an MDM solution that caters to every model, operating system, and technology. It is even more important with BYOD policies becoming so popular. It’s helpful to keep track of all the devices and technology before deploying the tool. Otherwise, older OS or android versions might create a problem for your tool.

Enhance Security of Your Enterprise Network

As we already mentioned above, an MDM solution’s prime purpose is to secure and protect your enterprise’s mobile devices. Quite obviously, the tool must include mobile device management and security features. Additionally, it must allow enterprises to protect sensitive information from a single management system remotely.

Some of the popular security features include data encryption, security configuration, and access monitoring.

Comprehensive Access of Control Features

Since you allow your employees to access sensitive information, enterprises need to ensure that only a handful of employees can access that information. To do that, you can create authentication and identity measures to confirm the user’s reliability using data through a device.

What if the device gets stolen? Or gets in the hands of the wrong people? You can’t trust everyone with your important data. So, layering up your security feature is a must-have.

Remotely Troubleshoot Device Issues

No matter how carefully you use a device, it is bound to cause some issues after a while. Ideally, it requires experts to troubleshoot issues by examining devices’ hands on. And that takes a lot of time. However, with an MDM, one can remotely troubleshoot a device right from a management console.

By doing this, businesses can decode business-critical mobile device problems and fix them without worrying about physically examining a device. Other than that, when there is a major security breach or stolen device, your business must have the authority to remove data from that device to avoid any cyber attacks.

MDM solutions can easily delete business data no matter where your device is. You can easily protect your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. It is an extremely effective feature when half of the world’s business works remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Proactively Address Security Problems

With so much on the plate already, keeping an eye on the device is impossible and time-consuming. MDM tools have an inherent feature of gathering a lot of information, which helps address potential security issues.

You can easily create a group or category on your MDM tool to make reporting even more easy and convenient. It increases transparency and helps everyone be informed about what’s going right and what could be potentially devastating.

Final Thoughts

Companies are facing a lot of challenges to manage and secure their mobile devices within an organization. Enforcing MDM tools guarantees not only a secure environment but reduces other costs too.

But they are only useful if implemented well. The plan and execution matter a lot to enhance the organization’s security and seamless mobile device management. So, look for all the pain points before deciding on your company’s MDM tools’ final features to avoid any inconvenience later on.

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