Cricket Partners Predict Far-Reaching Development Post Covid-19

cricket partners predict

Due to the covid-19, we have come to standstill. Even the sports are not being played or some are being played with restrictions and no audience. There are some guidelines been provided by the ICC that should be followed by all the players and the staff. The players and the staffs have to sign the form for the resumption of training. We are missing so many things ever since the pandemic began. Many countries are still taking the necessary precautions while organizing a match. But many haven’t started any normal sport session yet. This is a big loss for all the players, brands, and even the audience as they are missing the live matches. There are many guidelines are being provided for the players are the time of training session and those members who are above 60 years and are vulnerable to the disease are not allowed to attend the training sessions or matches.

Not only stakeholders of the game but the bookie/betting industry is also keeping eye on the changes. The Sports Bookie Software are also providing a constant check on the player’s health before any game providing insight to their user.

Some of the major impacts and changes that the cricket fraternity has talked about (which are also part of the operation of the game post resumption) are discussed here:

Travel Protocol

The players and the staff should stay in different rooms and proper hygiene should be maintained. IF traveling out of countries the players and the staff should first be treated. Wearing the mask should be made mandatory for everyone. IF possible the players could use their private vehicle to travel. Or if they are being taken to the airport via bus they should maintain proper social distancing and other norms to stop the spread of covid-19.

Ground Protocol

The numbers of players are limited to 11-24 for both the teams and no extra players should be allowed. Only the players and the other members who are permitted inside the ground should be allowed. Everyone should sanitize during the game and the locker room should be restricted to a few players at a time. Proper cleaning of the toilets and sports accessories. No other members should be allowed to enter the ground other than the players and the staff of the team.


If any players or members are being detected by any symptoms of the virus, they should take proper treatment and should be kept isolated from the other members. All the belongings of the patient should be kept separated and they should put on masks and gloves to stop the spreading of the virus. While treating the staff who has been found positive should take all the necessary precautions while handling the patients.


All the players should be checked before beginning their training session. Proper precautions should be taken during the training session and no other members should be allowed to enter the ground other than the players. Follow social distancing and proper sanitizations of the belongings. All the players should use washroom or tissue for spitting or cleaning nasal and should be prohibited from doing this on the ground. If any players or staffs have any respiratory issues should be checked immediately and should be kept isolated from others as they have higher chances of getting the virus.

After or Before Match

All the players and staff should be kept isolated before or after the match to stop any kind of virus spread. Should maintain all the precautions while playing and should be checked before and after the match. Players are advised not to meet anyone except their family during the match schedule. If traveling outside all the players and staff should be kept isolated and should be checked.

Nothing seems to normalize for now until we find a better alternative to the situation. Until then we all have to follow the strict rules and social distancing to stop and kind of virus spread. The players should follow all the guidelines provided by the ICC. The sports have completely come to stand still during this period. Many sports bookie software is being used which is helping the app developers to gain some profit. Sports betting is growing everywhere even during this situation. But soon we all be able to see the live matches as it used to be as soon as everything gets back to normal.

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