People frequently quench their thirst while at home or outside, and it is really an issue during the summer season in Australia. It makes one’s day when one’s thirst is satisfied with a tongue smacking drinks. It is a hassling experience to use mixies to blend ice cubes and frozen fruits to make a drink, not considering the time-consuming cleaning process after. But using a portable USB blender, like the personal BooseBlend USB blender saves the day.

Types of Blenders

Different types of blenders exist in the market today, such as the hand blender, portable blenders, countertop blenders, single-serve blenders, commercial blenders and so on.

Hand blenders and commercial blenders aid in whisking cake batter to avoid lumps and make it suitable for baking. Many homes in Australia have such blenders.

Commercial blenders, on the other hand, are used in restaurants which handle bulk mixing processes.

One can carry portable blenders anywhere, be it in handbags or backpacks. They can use the same blender for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Single-serve blenders, similar to portable blenders and USB blenders, are meant for crafting revitalising drinks as well.

Portable blenders are lighter, available in attractive designs, and in a stunning range of colours. Their stylish, four to six non-rusting blades and a transparent cup make them a beautiful appliance.

They are easy to clean and maintain; fill it with a little cleaning solution and switch it on for a few seconds to clean the cup from the inside.

In summers, using the mixer to crush drinks and then cleaning it after is a tiring process. But, one can make a delicious drink using either the portable blender, USB blender or a single-serve blender, anywhere after charging it. It grinds the ingredients by perfectly cutting through them. It grants perfect and uniform consistency to the resulting drink. That is precisely the reason people prefer them.

This feature is not found in the mixies as they crush the ingredients in non-uniform portions, and it sometimes gets overdone or underdone. They use more electricity as compared to blenders as well. Either way, the consistency of a proper blend is ruined by using a mixie while preparing drinks.

Electrical and Chargeable Blenders

The hand blenders are manually powered while the portable blenders and the USB blenders use electric power stored in its inbuilt batteries, as seen in the case of the BooseBlend USB blender. Commercial and countertop blenders are also electrically operated but do not possess batteries.

The USB blenders are rechargeable with inbuilt batteries and can be recharged by using USB devices such as a power bank, a car charger, an adapter, etc.

The rechargeable blenders are available at a variety of costs. They are affordable and do not fall heavy on the wallet.

Blender Highlights

The blender jars are built of Tritan resin and do not contain any plastic. Thermoplastic elastomers rubber constitutes the jar lid and pad. Brushed stainless steel makes up the jar wrap. These are lightweight, but efficient to hold it all together into a masterpiece of a blender. Its added anti-scratch and non-breaking features, make them very popular among customers.


While there exist a variety of options that people can choose from to mix multiple ingredients, a USB blender is seen to be versatile in comparison to the others. One can take it with them wherever they please and not have to worry about finding a power outlet. They are powerful and compact, making it a piece of art that barely occupies any space.

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