The 7 best Android apps to install on your smartwatch

best Android apps to install on your smartwatch

We choose our outfit, we dress and we do not forget our favorite accessory: the smartwatch. Obviously, wearing this little gadget around your wrist is now part of our usual routine. If only to give a stylish touch to his “outfit”, the connected watch is very fashionable. Teens, young people and adults have become adept at it.

Yet the usefulness of a smartwatch goes beyond embellishing the wrist. It digitally embodies the role of a sports coach or personal assistant for the wearer. Basically, these functions are already available on a montre connectee femme , in particular on a sports watch. But did you know that we could still make it more useful and take advantage of its higher performance by downloading applications dedicated to it. Precisely, we have selected for you the top 7 essential applications to download to optimize your famous smartwatch. 

Basic applications


Let’s start with the most basic, but the most important, including the personalization of the face of your connected watch. As you do with the wallpaper of your phone or your computer, you can also change the theme of your smartwatch. Since we are going to take a look at it from time to time, we might as well “customize” it according to our desires and our style. This is precisely the role of Facer, an application that offers you dressing options for your connected watch. With the free version, you will already have a large choice. But if you fall for a particular design, there is also a paid version.


How many times have we had to quickly take note of an important name or a phone number, but also of an idea that comes to our mind, and that we rushed to bring out in total frustration? her notebook and pen from her bag? And again, if we have any. It’s good, let’s no longer stress and let the connected watch assist us thanks to Evernote. For those who have not yet used it, it is an application that allows you to save your notes in several formats: text, video or even photos.

City Mapper       

Finding your way in a place you don’t know is not always easy. But instead of bending over your cell phone, why not just use your smartwatch? It only takes a glance without cluttering you to know the direction, the time it will take to reach your destination, but also the means of transport available. Thus, you no longer risk crossing the street during a red light by plunging your head into your smartphone. (Be careful, it’s dangerous!)

Applications for athletes

Google made       

When you want to get into sports, you can’t do without Google fit, the benchmark application. It gives you the possibility to define your sporting goals and to have a notification when you will have reached them, but also a reminder if you have not started your training. Apart from that, it also allows you to measure your heart rate or the number of your steps. And most importantly, you can link it with other sports apps to get even more in-depth statistics.


That’s it ! You decide to get into “running”, but you’re not sure where to start? The Runkeeper is the # 1 application you need to install. With, you can follow your progress from day to day. This application allows you to analyze the distance traveled, to trace your runs, but also to have an idea of ​​the calories burned. Nice no?

Calculating BMI       

Do you follow a strict diet to take care of your physique? This completely free application will be your best ally on a daily basis. It measures the fat in your body. To use it, you would need to record your weight which will be entered as data accompanying your height. Then you will have your estimated fat percentage. But that’s not all ! She recommends the ideal weight to reach to motivate you more.


With the arrival of the pandemic, it is currently more difficult to go to a gym to train. Fortunately, Northpark is there. It allows you to find physical activities to do even at home without necessarily needing sports equipment. It gives you a series of exercises to do including push-ups, squats, sit-ups and pull ups. The only condition: to have a connected watch attached to your wrist.


As a bonus, you can also install other fun apps like Spotify which lets you listen to music anytime and anywhere without having to tap your smartphone screen. We also recommend Shazam, this famous application that is used to quickly identify the title of a song that you like.

Now with these apps you will optimize the functionality of your smartwatch. And if you don’t already have one, take a look at our catalog to find a montre sportive home or femme that suits you.

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