5 Best Router Settings To Keep Hackers Off Your Cameras

Router Settings To Keep Hackers Off Your Cameras

Is Your Router Safe?

Routers are one of the most common devices that have been used in the 21st century. It has an everyday user that is used in internetworking. It uses a LAN (Local Area Network) directing network data using packets, and these packets contain other various data in different forms such as files, communications, etc. It is quite easily accessible and increases reliability in small as well as large environments.

Hackers can get into one’s network and do a significant amount of damage without one getting a clue of it. It may or may not happen with you, but it’s good to be on a safer side and be prepared for it. We take the topic of internet security very lightly- which is the first mistake. We purchase cameras, speakers, and other gadgets and continue using it without giving a second thought about the long term security.

“Privacy is important.”

So here are some life-saving tips which can save you from hackers around you, who are just waiting to get a free chance and will be inside your devices just like a trojan horse.

  1. Regular Updates

One needs to keep a close eye on the latest updates. Whether your router gets updated automatically or manually requires that you follow the necessary instructions and update your firmware. 

You need to keep checking at regular intervals. If your router provides the option of “automatic update” in the settings, you should turn it On, which will enable automatic updates. With just the IP address and the admin password, your firmware will get a new update. T

his is a straightforward step that can benefit you to a more considerable extent. If there are no new updates for an extended period, you need to get a new router with the new qualities and ditch the old one. “BE UPDATED” 

  1. Set Up A Two-way Authentication

Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3), Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) encryption helps you form stronger security, which will demand a password from any foreign device and wouldn’t grant access without the necessary password. 

While there are some old versions of routers that do not have this security setting and have WPA encryption, which is weaker and doesn’t secure much. Try not to use outdated security protocols. “BE SECURE”

  1. Constantly Change Your Passwords

A password is a key to every lock. One can access each and everything on any of your devices if he is aware of the password. Make sure that you have a robust and unique passcode. It should be long and complicated and can include special characters too. Different devices and accounts should have different passwords. One can even use different types of password generator for assistance. “BE UNIQUE”

  1. Grant No Remote Access

Firstly go to your router’s settings and switch off the “Remote Administration” button. If not so, it will give all the hackers easy access to carry out their tasks without any disturbance. It is a technique that enables one to take over your devices while not even being present at the spot, which you don’t need unless and until you need some technician to sort out some issue. “BE OUT-OF-REACH”

  1. Never Use Hidden Networks

This could cause you a great deal of trouble. Take access to secured networks only. A hidden network can consist of any malware that allows any hacker or virus to enter your device’s system without your knowledge.”BE CAUTIOUS”

Other than these, you can undertake some more measures which will tighten the security to a more considerable extent. The following precautions can be used:

  • Turn off other features that you don’t use
  • Have a built-in Firewall
  • Optimize your Quad9 DNS setting

Why Be Prepared?

With the development in technology day by day, the hackers and their techniques are getting advanced, and the cyber crimes are increasing. One needs to work individually and make sure that his privacy isn’t leaked. If one’s camera is hacked, it will direct footage to the person’s environment, himself, business, and many other private details. 

So, it’s necessary to protect your camera, speakers, thermostat, and every available device. Although one can’t fully guarantee that these tips would never fail, it will surely avoid a hack to a great extent. If all of the above measures are applied simultaneously, it will work out just correctly and in the right manner.


Protect yourself from cybercrime with just these simple, easy, and convenient steps. It will help you to maintain your much-needed privacy. And- Be wise and don’t commit any cybercrime. Your home/office router is a gateway to your world, so do take it’s security seriously.

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