Nokia phones rank highest in Trust Ranking Information for 2020 per Counterpoint Research

Nokia 3.4 specifications

Counterpoint Research a Market research company released Trust ranking information for 2020. The good news for Nokia user is that Nokia phones have been revealed to be the leader in the 3 out 4 categories. The categories are software, security, build quality and enterprise-recommended devices.

Peter Richardson, VP & Research Director of Counterpoint Research commented:

For the second year in a row, Nokia phones have topped our rankings in providing the most comprehensive software and security updates and it has the highest share of portfolio recommended for enterprise use. The performance of Nokia phones continues to be a competitive advantage over the rest of the smartphone brands in the Android ecosystem. 98% of Android smartphone brands still offer inconsistent software and security updates or none at all. OnePlus also did well by providing faster software updates to all its devices currently selling in the market followed by Samsung and realme

Here are the three categories out of four where Nokia is leader:

Software: The software section has always been for Android devices. But, lately Nokia has improved and be at the top along with OnePlus. As, both these companies have 100% of their devices updated to Android 10.

Security: Nokia has always led the ranking for security patches update. As, all of its devices gets monthly security patches unlike other Smartphone companies.

Build Quality: Nokia consistently scored better than the global average in multiple sub-categories such as Drop impact, hard pressure, wear and scratch, moisture and liquid, etc. and thus did well in the build quality category.

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