Top Reasons Why You Should Integrate Instagram into Your Web Design and Buy Real Instagram Followers

In the context of digital marketing, the importance of website design is something no business can afford to ignore. While businesses are expected to have very functional websites, visitors desire good design and aesthetics above everything else. According to Adobe as many as 66% of the respondents of an Adobe survey preferred to view something that is beautifully designed compared to simple and functional content. Many other studies also point to the fact that an overwhelming majority of the digital audience prefers to view media that is visually appealing over something that may be more useful or informative. In a scenario that is increasingly becoming dynamic, it can be quite difficult for marketers to keep up with the latest trends in website design to ensure that their marketing campaigns remain impactful. This makes integrating Instagram into the website design more of a necessity than a luxury because of Instagram’s high popularity and rate of engagement.

The need to seek inspiration from Instagram to beef up your website is undeniable for the majority of marketers since the market is already quite competitive. Since many marketers are already trying their best to develop highly-appealing web designs to attract and keep visitors locked into the website, it is imperative that the strategy has to be relooked at to stay ahead of the pack. Even though website design does not directly play a very big role in driving search engine results, it is of utmost importance in boosting the performance of the website in terms of conversions and driving brand awareness. A quick look at some of the main benefits of integrating Instagram into your website design:

Buy Real Instagram Followers for Enhanced Trust and Credibility 

When a visitor first visits your website, it is natural for him to be suspicious of its credentials until he can establish that the brand is trustworthy by investigating the contents of the website. When Instagram is integrated into the website design, it is easier for them to interact with the business and find out what others are saying about the business and its products and services. This ability to interact with the business on multiple levels is a very important element for building trust among the target audience. There will also be many people who will have encountered your brand on Instagram and feel compelled to visit your website to know more. The integration of Instagram with your website facilitates this interaction and promotes engagement and conversion.

Promoting Brand Awareness 

One of the prime reasons why businesses, especially those dealing in lifestyle products and services, have taken to Instagram is such a large number is that a very large number of Instagram users belong to the young generation. According to Statista, over two-thirds of all Instagram users are 34 years or younger, making the social media platform particularly attractive to digital marketers. While marketers can actively promote their goods and service on Instagram using a large variety of promotions, contents, as well as other techniques like Instagram Stories and user-generated content, all they have to do to entice their website visitors to visit their Instagram account is to add an Instagram badge.

Helps Markets to Take Advantage of Trends

Because of its very nature, Instagram is more dynamic and nimbler than other marketing channels, allowing marketers to stay on top of market trends that find favor with its target audience. The process is quite simple; after identifying the trend that appeals to its followers, all marketers need to do is to put together appropriate visual content reflecting the trend and insert the trending hashtags for the content to be easily discovered by users. This enables the business to give more exposure to its posts, engage viewers, acquire more followers, and hopefully raise brand awareness, generate website traffic that results in more conversions. Any investment to buy real Instagram followers also fetches a better return. By ensuring that their hashtag campaigns are featured on the website, they can drive traffic to their Instagram content and drive their engagement even more.

Displaying a Creative Attitude 

Customers like to be associated with brands that know how to be creative and entertain them with innovative content. This is the main reason why social media, particularly Instagram is so popular with the top brands and influencers having follower counts running into several million. The nature of Instagram is such that it compels marketers to publish a constant stream of engaging content that if interest to their target audience. Marketers can create a special webpage featuring all their Instagram campaigns. Website visitors can click on any image of their preference and allow themselves to be directed to a page or an e-commerce platform where they can purchase the product. Alternatively, they can just browse the Instagram content to inform and entertain themselves right on the website.


The integration of Instagram into the website design is a brilliant method of growing your presence on social media, increasing brand awareness, encouraging conversions, and building credibility while informing and entertaining the target audience with high-quality content.

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