5 Helpful Gadgets to Use during Pregnancy

Helpful Gadgets to Use during Pregnancy

Waiting for a baby and want to track every tiny course of your 9-month journey? In this post, our experts are telling about smart home gadgets you can use during pregnancy. They are really helpful and just a joy to use. Scroll down!

Pregnancy is a wonderful time! Your sweet little one is growing inside of you, and you feel that unique bond with him/her. But let’s be honest, childbearing may also be stressful, tough, and tiring at times. Almost all moms-to-be go through a roller coaster of emotions and are rocked with anxiety about a baby. Do you feel the same? Well, there is a great solution for you – new tech gadgets to use during pregnancy. Actually, there are plenty of them available on the market! But how to choose the right one? We know that a little help is always welcome, especially while you are waiting. That’s why we‘ve selected the best, new gadgets so that you can take great joy in using them and, what is even more important, track every tiny course of your 9-month journey.

So, don’t rush to swipe your credit card buying various devices to use during pregnancy, read our post first! 

1. Belly Buds

Let’s begin with fun gadgets – belly buds. Experts say that fetus hearing is fully developed by the 30th week. Besides, memories begin during this period too. So, why not give the baby-to-be the pleasure to listen to music or other magical sounds? Belly Buds is a unique system with small speakers that the mother attaches to her belly, and they send sounds directly to her womb. The majority of these cool electronics include earphone splitter so that an expectant mommy and her little one can listen to the same music or sounds together. Wonderful, right? 

If you are hunting for a gift for your pregnant friend or relative, such a device must be a winner.  

Buds for your belly

2. Fetal’s Heartbeat Trackers

Our following choice is one of the best products for moms by Top-Mom. The majority of expectant parents can hear the sound of the baby-to-be’s heartbeat only in the doctor’s chamber. However, there are fetal dopplers available on the market, which you can use to listen to your little one’s heartbeat at any time you wish in the comfort of your own home! These cool gadgets mainly come with everything you may need to listen to and share those magical sounds: recording cable, headphones, a manual, and even transducer gel (optionally). You can start using such a device from the 14th week of pregnancy. 

Just imagine what a wonderful present you can make for expectant grandparents and other relatives by recording and emailing them the track of your baby’s heartbeat! 

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3. Contractions Tracker


Are you in the third trimester? Then a contraction tracker (e.g., Bloomlife) is one of the must-have gadgets for you. This device measures and times both labor contractions and Braxton Hicks in real time. It’s completely safe to use since the gadget doesn’t radiate energy into a woman’s body. It uses Bluetooth low energy; hence, the waves are far less powerful than cell phone ones. So, this device will just pick up electrical signals from your uterine muscle without any harm to you or your baby.  

Unluckily, such a gadget is not easily available on the market; however, you can try to rent it with monthly charges. 

4. Pelvic Floor Muscles Trainer

Every woman knows how important it is to do pelvic floor exercises. While you are pregnant, muscles in this area have to deal with a fetal’s weight and then the pressure of childbirth. Naturally, they need strengthening. Try to use a special trainer for pelvic floor muscles – you’ll get better bladder control and faster recovery after childbirth. 

The majority of these electronic gadgets can be connected to the app so that you can track your progress and ensure that you are using the right exercises. Another great point about such a device is that you can use it during and after pregnancy. 

5. Bio Band

Our next choice is not exactly a gadget, but it still deserves its place on our list.

Are you suffering from morning sickness? Lots of expectant mothers report that Bio Bands are really helpful in preventing nausea. How does it work? An adjustable wristband has a tiny bead placed at a P-6 point; when you tighten your band, pressure is applied to this point. It hinders the nervous system signals that bring morning sickness symptoms. Besides, the constant pressure to the P-6 point cause the endorphin neurotransmitters release – it’s known as a natural painkiller. 

We must admit that some medical skeptics claim that such bands are no more effective than a placebo. However, as we mentioned above, lots of women consider bio bands helpful. So, why not try? 


With so many cool, interesting, and helpful gadgets to use during pregnancy, we are definitely much luckier than our mothers were. So, why not use such devices and make the waiting more comfortable, fun, and filled with positive emotions? We hope that our list has helped you to choose the right gadget for you!

Have you tried any gadgets during pregnancy yet? Was it fun and helpful? What did you like the most about them? Share your experience with us!

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