8 Awesome Things You Can Do With WordPress

what we can do with wordpress

Over the past decade, WordPress has proved itself as a powerful blogging platform and content management system. It is a trusted and reliable tool with loads of plugins, themes, add-ons, and features to make the experience even better.

WordPress has given the power to millions of online users. A world without WordPress is hard to imagine, as 28 percent of the internet will go away if it ceases to exist. With over 1.2 billion downloads worldwide, WordPress has shown its power and not only just for blogging but for many other options.

Here are eight awesome things you can do with WordPress besides blogging.

1. Build An Online Store

WordPress has come a long way from a simple blogging tool to an essential website development tool. WordPress offers various plugins to create an entry to a professional level online e-commerce store. Due to its easy features and user-friendliness, WordPress offers development of landing pages, product pages, shopping carts, thank you page, and check out process. All you need to do is add e-commerce functionality using a plugin (a separate piece of software to let you do what you want from WordPress).

Besides providing e-commerce features, it also adds search engine optimization (SEO) features to promote your store easily. WordPress has the support and plenty ofversatilityyou need for your online store, and the best part is that it is free.

2. Multisite Feature

Another impressive feature that WordPress introduced back in 2010 is the multisite option. This feature lets you create multiple sites out of your main website. It means you can make sections like forums inside from your source site and connect them with each other. Each section can have a different layout and style as a distinguishing feature.

Addedbenefit of this feature is that you can make someone “super administrator” with which they can administratea specific page. However, this feature is not at all preferred for an individual blog, personal website, or managing multiple websites.

3. Social Networking

Do you know that another great feature in WordPress is that you can turn it into a social network?. It is a great tool to use if you want to reach niche audiences like a company or a sports team. The feature allows your visitors to sign-up, make profiles and post messages, and from there, you can communicate with your audience. You can learn more by browsing through different plugins like BuddyPress and see how to use this feature to its fullest. 

4. Build a Multi Linguistic Website

WordPressalso helps you create a multi-linguistic version of your website. It is a useful tool for those who have a global business outreach and have chosen WordPress as their CMS platform. You can translate WordPress and create a multi-language website in two ways. These are machine translation. It is free and faster with plugins like Google Language Translator but comes with a drawback of translation quality.

5. Advanced Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most commonly used sources of lead generation. WordPress can help you elevate your email marketing game by using plugins like Bloom or OptinMonster. These plugins help you create subscription boxes whenever your visitor arrives or leaves your website. In this way, you can gather enough email addresses for marketing and gather more leads.

6. Create Real Estate Listings

You can directly integrate real estate listings in your WordPress blog or website and make it more functional. Plugins like WP-Property, Easy property listing, and WPL Real Estate can help you adjust your site according to property listings. Your site will become fully optimized and search engine friendly. It also allows you to choose between grids or lists for your preference.

7. Creation of Directory Website With Maps

With tons of plugins, it is easy to convert your WordPress website into a directory of business. Using plugins like Sabai Directory and Business Directory Plugin, you can transform your entire site or give some pages directory functions. There is no need to change the design or aesthetics of your website, as these plugins will adjust it accordingly.

8. Offering Live Chat Support

If you offer a service or product, chances are you will also provide customer support. Providing real-time support has now become easy – thanks to live chat feature. This chat feature is an essential part of keeping a customer on your site or securing a purchase.

WordPress has made it easy for us to integrate live chat features into our websites to chat with customers in real-time. We can have personalized conversations using chatbots or engage in contextual chats.

Final Word

The points mentioned above are some useful features we can have with WordPress, besides just blogging or designing a website. With tons of useful plugins and add-ons available, the importance of WordPress has dramatically increased for users all over the internet.

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