What should you do to become a professional resume writer?

how to become a professional resume writer

If there are professions where you are allowed to combine your passion and expertise, professional resume writing is one of them. If you think you have a talent for writing, if you have a knack for playing with words and if you can dream of earning a livelihood by writing your heart out, resume writing is the perfect job for you. People who have a real inclination for writing are so rare, but their art can help an entire generation. So, that is what the professional resume writers do.

Resumes are unanimously important stuffs for everyone. So people are showing a great deal of interest to hire some writer from some resume fixing service to cast a glance on their resumes. People trust the resume writing experts, because the writers are professional, good with job jargon and experts in the field. The writers need to have certain qualities and qualification so that they are updated with the recent trends of writing. So, only being a good writer will not help you to be the best in this profession.

What qualification do you need to be a professional resume writer?

It is said that a great writer can come from anywhere. It does not matter how qualified she is, if her words carry magic. However, to be a professional resume writer, you need to have some qualification. So, the kind of qualification that is needed to get in the game is here-

A bachelor’s degree in arts:

As a matter of fact, you can have a bachelor’s degree in Language, Literature, Linguistics, History or Journalism. Among literature and language streams, English is the most preferred one, because in this world of globalisation, most job employers prefer to get resumes written in English. This allows to you to be good with words. Learning English language and literature opens up mind blocks regarding discrimination. And journalism makes you good at keeping you updated on the recent happenings front. As resume writers will need to correct any sort of mistakes (language wise or structure wise), it is important for them to have a sound knowledge in language.

A master’s degree:

Although, a master’s degree or a post-graduation degree is not mandatory to become a professional resume writer, some people prefer to have one.

Courses in business and human resources:

Now, resume writing is not like writing fiction, where you can just spread the wings of your imagination and go on with writing hundreds of pages. No! Resume writing is a type of business writing. It has its own unique structure and also a very distinct lingo. If you have done a course in business management or human resources, you will have a heads up with the words which are preferred in this business. Resume writing is not all about the art of writing, but it is a combination of art and calculation, where you have to calculatedly use choicest words.

Diploma courses in writing:

After the mandatory bachelor’s degree in the said subjects, a resume writer aspirant can enrol her name in a diploma courses in writing. There are options. To be a professional resume writer, you can opt for non-fictional, business writing or professional writing based on the choices given by the institute. The duration of thediploma courses are generally one year, with small variations. They offer you a course full of workshops, consultation session, and paper writing and alike to grow you as a writer. This is a one year spent productively.

Resume writing training:

After all the basic general courses and qualification, you just need a specific course for your career as a professional resume writer. In a resume writing course, you get opportunity to learn about-

  • How to highlight the skills of your client
  • How to be clear on your clients achievements and qualities
  • Organize your content in a way as to stress on the strengths
  • How to minimize weakness
  • Recognize and get rid of common patterns of grammatical errors
  • What is an SEO friendly resume
  • What do your clients actually need
  • How to format a resume
  • Various ways of formation and organising a resume
  • How to get the exact information from the client


After equipped with the right sort of writing courses, you need to go through another step to become a peerless resume writing expert. Get your certification. There are a couple of institutions who gave authentic certification to the deserving candidates. Certification is something that gives you a distinct identity of your own. When you have the magical word “certified” written with your name, people are going to notice you. Certification does put you under a good light.

Resume writing is a relatively new profession, where many talented have writers found their passion. Now, it is time for you to find yours.

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