7 Reasons Why MacBook Is The Perfect Laptop for Students

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For a contemporary college student, a computer is a must-have to finish any assignments or coursework thrown their way. One of the best tips for buying a laptop for students is to make sure that it fits their needs. A student laptop should work well enough to accomplish all the necessary academic workload, but also sturdy and portable for daily, on-campus use.

While Apple products may be seen as powerful and expensive devices that belong in the professional world, MacBooks have also found their niche in the student population. Indeed, many of the MacBooks’ specifications and features make it a perfect fit for academic needs.

Here are some reasons why you should consider MacBooks for student life

1. Thin and lightweight body

Usually, better and more powerful laptops come with the trade-off of being portable. Lugging around a heavy laptop in your backpack can leave you sore after walking around campus all day.

MacBooks, on the other hand, are thinner and more lightweight than their Windows counterparts without sacrificing functionality. The MacBook Air, in particular, promises to be slim enough to fit inside a Manila envelope.

2. Intuitive user experience

One thing that can stand in the way of completing assignments is the struggle to understand how your laptop works. It’s frustrating at the least and can cause serious problems at the worst.

With the macOS, its layout and features provide an intuitive interface that makes working with the MacBook so much easier. This makes navigation almost second nature, allowing you to focus more on the tasks at hand than struggling with your device’s functionalities.

3. Excellent graphic display

From taking art and design courses to working on more creative endeavors, having a high-quality display can give students a better advantage and make accomplishing these projects more manageable.

MacBooks—especially the more recent models—has the Retina display, which allows you to work with high-resolution graphics with more smoothness and color accuracy. This means that you can edit photos, create graphics, and even color-grade student films while keeping the quality of your output intact.

Additionally, the right MacBook model can be the complete package—with a top-of-the-line display matched with the processing power to render animations and other artworks.

4. Powerful hardware

For students doing coding or video editing for classes or in need of specialized software for their majors, their laptop’s performance is everything. MacBooks are powered by Intel processors, giving you hardware that can handle the rigors of rendering, programming, and running specially-demanding software.

The MacBook’s reliable and powerful performance guarantees that any project can be finished without a hitch.

5. Long battery life

A student-friendly laptop should be able to get through a day of reading, note-taking, and other academic work without needing to stay plugged into an outlet.

MacBooks are powered by long-lasting batteries and, depending on the model, can last anywhere from 10 to 15 hours of internet-connected use on a single charge. This kind of power is very rarely replicated in their PC counterparts.

6. Integrated iOS ecosystem

With learning becoming more tech-oriented, students need to be always connected in order to receive important school updates, finish assignments, and even browse readings or take notes in class.

With the iOS ecosystem, shifting from iPhone to iPad to MacBook can be done seamlessly—from sending and receiving crucial emails or messages to securing backups of slides and other references on iCloud.

7. Wide range of software

Apple offers a wide range of software and programs that can help address productivity and get any kind of project done—from basic word processors and presentation creators to photo and video editors and coding environments.

Additionally, the macOS continues to receive regular updates, both to the operating system and its supported software. Unlike PCs, which usually become obsolete after a year or two, MacBooks stay relevant and functional for much longer.

Student laptops, in a word, are workhorses. They need to perform reliably, accommodate any and all academic functions, are sturdy enough to withstand the hustle and bustle of student life, and will last up until graduation. With MacBooks, you’re sure to get all of this functionality and power in a sleek and compact body that won’t weigh you down.

If you have the money to spare, getting a brand new MacBook is its own reward. However, if you’re looking for an option that’s just as powerful at a more affordable price, refurbished MacBooks are a better choice in the long run.

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