Top 10 Tech skills to learn in 2020

Top 10 Tech skills to learn in 2020

As the competitive nature of the job market increases with every passing day, recruiters and companies are beginning to hire employees with more experience or a more diversified skill list than what is usually required for the job. 

One such skill in today’s world that would instantly make your resume more attractive to companies is technical skills. Whether or not you work in the tech or I.T field, it doesn’t matter as learning technology is slowly becoming an unsaid mandate, seeing how it has infiltrated the majority of every sector of the world. 

Learning a tech-related skill isn’t however, as tedious as it sounds and also can make your life a whole lot easier. Technical skills will not only ease your effort and maximize your efficiency but also boost your chances of getting your dream job. 

What are Technical Skills?

As the name suggests, anything related to technology, which is the creation, maintenance and running or functioning of any software like coding, developing, system management and so on can be called technical skills. It is a practical and aptitude based knowledge of mechanical and informational technology, in other words. 

As manual labor is slowly being replaced, one must know how to enforce technology into their work. The good news is, these skills are hard skills, which mean the can be learned and mastered, according to your personal and professional requirements.

Why are Technical Skills in such high demand today?

Technology is taking over the world and that comes as no surprise. It has connected the world rapidly, and now information is always available at your disposal. Because of this rapid exchange, there is an incessant need to create constantly. This is why even students with an engineering degree find it hard to be hired without knowledge of technical skills. 

Organizations are transforming to more data-driven bodies that require constant analysis and exchange of information. This is why there is such a high demand for acquiring tech skills, probably the best skill to learn for your future.

That being said, the tech world today is very vast and confusing, especially if you aren’t familiar with it. Once you have acclimatized to this world and learn to navigate through some basic concepts, you will find yourself going through your courses reasonably quickly.

Here are the top 10 skills in 2020 to learn:

1. Artificial Intelligence:

One of the best skills to learn for the future is the field of artificial intelligence, something everyone has heard and used. The concept of A.I is to have machines that act and think like humans, designed to do so without constantly updating code and manually entering information, that is, A.I is designed to think for itself, to perform specific tasks. 

Artificial Intelligence specialists profit from being hired for multiple different positions, from product manager to engineer and in data science fields. 

2. Machine Learning:

Machine learning has its roots in a lot of the futuristic tech you use, like Alexa, chatbots, and even automatic cars. Loosely, it can be explained as the study of algorithms, possibility, statistic models, etc. Machine learning gives you broad career options.

Like A.I, machine learning can and is being applied to every field like health, industries, education, transport and anything else you could think of!

3. Data science: 

Data science is a multidisciplinary study, which is mainly focused on drawing patterns, and making use of data out of huge clusters of raw data. Data analytics, which goes hand in hand with data science, is the analyzing and processing data from already existing datasets. 

Data analytics is an entry-level job with data science being a more intrinsic or advanced study. Industries like finance, education, and health are getting more used to data science, and to find a job in these sectors, this skill would come handy. 

4. Cyber-security:

Also known as network and information security, the demand for cyber-security in 2020 is plummeting. Any organization, individual or community has information that is sensitive and needs to be protected. With the number of hackers online, it is very hard to keep all your information safe.

As a skill, cyber-security deals with what networks are, how to manage systems and find vulnerable positions to safeguard and assess risks. 

5. Cloud computing:

Cloud computing is essentially a way to store all your data on the internet but a personal and safe server. This concept has taken on greatly in the markets, as the idea is that all your data is immortal. 

Learning this concept will give you a good chance in the job market, especially the I.T sector. 

6. Augmented and Virtual Reality:

VR and AR are highly creative skills that have found their way in many sectors of the world, not only constricted to gaming or film. VR is creating a fabricated reality completely from scratch and gives the user the experience of actually living it. 

AR is similar, but instead of creating a new reality, we combine virtual and actual realities. 

7. Internet of Things:

IoT, or internet of things, refers to the connectivity or sync of every physical device that is connected to the internet. 

Cyber-security analysts in particular, apart from other I.T professionals, will be in high demand if they know about IoT.

8. UI/UX Design:

User interface and user experience are software that is meant to design websites or apps for companies. UI looks into the appearance, the flow and how easy it is for the user to navigate while UX deals with what elements of a website a user interacts with and how.

9. Block-chains:

Blockchains have been pretty confusing for most of us, but now that the bans on crypto-currency around many parts of the world have lifted, block-chains provide a great opportunity for high-end jobs.

Blockchains are a decentralized digital record that holds transactional reports while providing security and transparency. 

10. Deep Learning:

Deep learning merges machine learning with A.I. It is more advanced learning that allows networks to learn from unstructured data. This subfield is related to algorithms inspired by the human brain, which is called artificial neural networks. 

11. Mobile development:

The number of people using smartphones is only growing by the year, which is why companies want different apps along with their basic websites. Mobile development deals with how apps are created and designed or programmed for phones. If you learn mobile development, you can either work for a company or sell your apps to a third party. 

There are various other tech skills like python, Linux, angular that also make it to the list of top 10 skills in 2020 that you should learn. These are some of the best and most beneficial tech skills to have in 2020. Depending on what career path you want to follow, learning these skills will give you the boost you need to get hired.

We hope the information in this article will help you. Stay tuned to our Programming section to get regular updates.

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