6 Mobile App Development Sins that you cannot afford to make in 2020

Mobile App Development sins

The mobile app development market is growing at an exponential rate. If you are a startup and willing to grow or scale your business, the only way to do it is to avoid the mobile app development sins that most startup founders make while developing and running their mobile app.

After analyzing thousands of business models, here are some mobile app development sins that you need to keep yourself away from. Avoiding them can cause you serious harm.

1. Testing for the Google Play store and Uploading on the Apple App Store

Everyone wants amore significant piece of the pie. Every brand and startup is working to increase its conversion rate and boost its market share. But in doing so, at times, the founders make the mistake of using the same app for both the platform.

This is a severe sin.

The App Store Optimization (ASO) strategies for both Google and Apple are different. And to keep up with the market, you must decide which one platform you are going to launch your app on.

Firstly, the layout is different on both, which means that launching the app for both the stores in a big mistake. Second, the target market is different for both platforms. The users for both look for the same features as they find in their respective platforms, which is quite impossible to give if there is just one app.

2. Wrong Audience Optimization

When you are running the app store test for the target audience, it is smart that you segment your audience so that you don’t fall for the wrong audience.

Say, a famous brand experimented on Google Store listing. There was theright amount of traffic from the audience browsing with a low-quality browser. The company assumed that this is the correct version to move forward. When in reality, the demographic proved that the real audience was looking for a high-quality interface and superior browsing experience.

The result was massive traffic with no lead at all. This was because A/B testing was done on the wrong audience, and optimization was done on the same audience.

When this happens, it is impossible to justify that the app store testing was done on the wrong audience. But numbers don’t lie. So, what companies need to do is to ensure that they are optimising for the right audience.

Extensive research needs to be done on audiences that are willing to avail of the service of such a mobile app.

3. Invalid Analytics Monitoring

Even if companies do pick the right audience, the second big mistake they make is driving results too early. The smart app ideas will teach you a lot about monitoring analytics in the right way.

Say, the pre and post analytics of average CVR takes two weeks before anything could be concluded. If the company conclude result before that, its more than just a sin.

The thing with testing is that, if enough time is not provided for the test, it’s challenging to get desired results. Be it user acquisition, change in strategy of a competitor, or anything else, if the company is concluding the results too early, it’s difficult for the company to move forward without enough or wrong piece of knowledge.

In mobile app development, accuracy is everything. If the results are wrong, then everything from then onwards will go down the hill, which is more like suicide.

4. Testing with no end-goal

A/B testing is one of the critical aspects of mobile app development. This pressurizes some marketers to test without a proper direction. This is where things start going down the hill. Before every test, there needs to a reason for it.

A direction for what is happening and what outcome is expected from the test. And based upon that test, the future is devised. Once the analysis is complete, it is often challenging to comeup with a direction then. So, the app developer must know what he is doing right from the start.

5. No Regular Updates

When an app is made, it is developed by keeping in mind a particular set of circumstances.

When these circumstances change, prompt changes must be done in the app. To reduce the bugs and improve the functionality of the app, it is necessary that regular updates of the app need to be made.

Your audience has specific preferences that might change as per the change in the trends. Moreover, a competitor might add something which becomes a necessity for the client.

You need to update the app and launch a better version so that the app market share might not suffer.

When the app developers fail to do so, it is then that things start getting worse and out of hand.

6. Not Enough App Store Engagement Data

The last and the most crucial in that the founders need to avoid is to ignore the engagement app store data. For instance, a professional app development agencywill not overlook the engagement data.

If there is not enough information on the engagement of users on the app, the agency will use all the resources to gather all the data before concluding anything.

The low-engagement might be due to many reasons. For instance, a low-engagement might be due to the wrong color choice. Or, at times, it is due to an inappropriate background. The best approach is to test out more than one variation and understand what is causing low-engagement.

Analyzing every aspect of the engagement will give a clear idea of what might be the problem with the data. Once corrected, it will be easy to move on to the other important stuff.

Final thoughts

To ensure that you maximize your engagement and app downloads, you need to avoid the sins mentioned above all the time.

It is essential because the competition is already fierce out there. And to succeed, you mustn’t make mistakes that can cost you serious problems or issues beyond repair.

So, a good practice is to manage things before they escalate out of hands.

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