Kalahari Map Now Permanently Available with New Game Mode Unveiled in Latest Free Fire Update

Free Fire, the world’s most popular mobile battle royale game got the popular Kalahari Desert map update. Now, it is permanently available and fully accessible to all Free Fire players with the latest update. Players will be able to battle it out in yet another map starting from 28 February 2020. The Kalahari Desert map proved popular while it was made playable through dedicated events, and Free Fire decided to make it a permanent feature following strong positive feedback from players and fans.

Last week Free Fire welcomes in-game Ragnarok content with latest partnership to excite players across generations.

The updates that are being introduced in Free Fire game are:

  • The Kalahari Desert map will be permanent and fully accessible
  • New character, Steffie, introduced
  • Training Grounds game mode unveiled

New character – Steffie

Steffie is a 23-year old Professional Graffiti Artist who appears sassy, but deep down, she wants to help people and make the world a better place to live in. Her active in-game skill reflects this desire to help others as she creates an area of graffiti around her that boosts the defenses of those within. Players who find themselves inside her graffiti will find they take less damage from explosions and bullets while their armor won’t decrease when taking any damage.

New game mode – Training Grounds

Players who would prefer to hone their combat skills outside of an active war zone can do so in Training Grounds. This new game mode grants players the opportunity to get to know their weapons better, character skills, and possibly even meet new friends to create the Squad of their dreams. Two Major Zones are accessible in the Training Grounds. The first is a shooting range that has all of the guns available in Free Fire, allowing players to learn more about them and practice how to best use them. The second is an exhibition zone where players can fight against one another and revive themselves as many times as they like.

Free Fire can be downloaded on both:

Apple iOS App

Google Play Store

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