ASUS new update to enhance the overall experience of the ASUS Max Pro M1

Asus Max Pro M1 update

ASUS has rolled out a firmware update to enhance the overall experience of the ASUS Max Pro M1 further with Max Pro M1 FOTA Version – 16.2017.1906.056.

There are have been multiple enhancement and optimization done. Here are the things to expect in the update.

1. Enable Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing offers a brand-new perspective at how you can cut down on how much time you exactly spend on each of your apps. With it you can set a time-limits on app usages, see how many times you open a particular app, which app notification gets most of your attention through the day.

2. Optimize Unlocking experience

Max Pro M1’s new FOTA update brings you a much optimized and faster PIN and Pattern unlocking experience.  

3. Optimized Battery Consumption

The Max Pro M1’s new FOTA update optimizes your battery consumption for a much longer battery backup that takes you farther on your daily new adventures.

4. Optimize Dark mode experience

The optimized & improved ‘Dark mode’ support with the Max Pro M1’s new update enables better dark mode support across the UI, apps and app notifications that support the Dark Mode.

5. Updated Google security patch – June 2019

The Max Pro M1’s new FOTA update also brings to it Googles latest security patch.

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