Top Essentials of Local SEO for Better Search Engine Results

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This article aims at explaining some of the top recommendations to do local SEO more effectively. Local search engine optimization is programs required to be done relevantly in order to ensure better B2B as well as B2C results.

The search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. had been working in fine, turning their search algorithms in order to offer high-quality results to the users, based on the location. Google covers the market place better in terms of location.

The marketers who are enthusiastic about digital marketing and trying to adopt SEO best practices should know how to accomplish the local SEO effectively for the websites to be competent. Having spent a lot of time into this research, experts here put forth a few best local SEO tactics for business websites.

In fact, you also need to consider the fact that the search engines too invested a lot in terms of developing the tools in order to allow the users to set up business listings for better organic search visibility. Without much ado, let’s get into the top options.

1. Creating a unique store page

Creation of a unique store page can be used to optimize the page best and offer content which is highly relevant to the local customers by being shown on local keyword searches. For this, you can start by thinking of specific customers as to what information they like the most in the stores. An ideal SEO optimized store page may include:

  • The address and phone numbers in standard NAP format.
  • Add-on contact details as email, social media icons, contact for etc.
  • Direction and map (like embedded Google Map).
  • Business opening and closing times.
  • Some identifiable photos of the store.
  • Details of basic services offered.
  • Calendar of relevant events.
  • Offer and promotions.

In order to do local SEO well, each web page needed to be optimized for:

  • URL as the business name.
  • Title of the web page
  • H1 tags
  • Meta description
  • The markup
  • Canonical tags etc.

This list is not exhaustive, but there are a lot more SEO considerations to be made.

2. Addition of business listings to each stores

You can add a business to Google or Bing free by using simple forms. Ensure that you verify each of your store listing, which is a small but important step. Always try to create Google as well as Microsoft account for your business than creating a listing from the personal account. From a search engine optimization point of view as suggested by fyrebird local SEO Philadelphia, it is also important for Google SEO while you start linking to the Google properties as Google+ or to YouTube channels.

Similarly, it is also important to add optimized content for store listing, so the marketers should always think about the business names, description, and category to do the listing properly. Moreover, you also need to make the business listings more appealing to the customers if you won’t be found on more searches. The benefits of a business listing which is verified by search engines is a SERP dominance based on brand searches, which can also help increase the CTR.

3. Building more directory citations

This may seem more like link building, but it is actually more about ensuring that your site is registered with the top business directories on the internet. If you are ultimately focusing on the high-quality domains with relevant audience search, you will surely benefit from the domain association and also tend to get more direct traffic through referral. The citations must be using a more consistent NAP format.

Directory citation is very important as it further provides more appropriate validation for the business websites to be listed at multiple places authoritatively. Always make sure that you do the most appropriate category and industry while making directory submission to get the best results.

You may start with focusing on the top free directories to do the listing. Create the listing and using this same standard copy wherever possible in order to speed up your process and maintain consistency. Once your gain expertise in properly accomplishing this, you can think of putting in a small budget for paid directories in order to distinguish your service from the competitors and enjoy a better chance of getting promoted through paid campaigns.

You can find Touchlocal as a good example of a paid directory. You can start here by creating a free listing, which is simple with the company details and contact information. However, once you start getting your web address shown on the active link, you may further think of upgrading it to a paid subscription, which can offer better benefits. Some other common directories you can explore are Touchlocal, Yelp, Scoot, Central Index, Yell, Foursquare, Factual, etc.

4. Adding Google Reviews to your business page

This is another expert suggestion in order to help enhance your SERP value. Google reviews may have a very positive impact on not only ranking but also custom perception about your business relevance. If you find that you are getting significant positive reviews on Google, whereas your competitors don’t, this can add value to your local SEO efforts while used properly.

However,  remember recency can be a key factor in doing this effectively, so if you find a short term boost in terms of review which is not long-lived, then you will only have a short-term SERP boost. On the other hand, it may also be suspicious to the search engines if you start to get a sudden spike of 5-star reviews for the time being and then nothing further.

5. Provide store locator

It will always benefit your SEO efforts if you make it easier for the user to locate your store. It is more important now in terms of the Google Map integration to make it easier for the customers to spot your location instantly on it. It is important on the mobile browsers where poor UI/UX design may have an adverse impact with more exit and bounce rate on your web pages to decrease SEO relevance.

Try to make the UX as clean and straightforward as possible to enable predictive search in order to find your store quickly through local search. Also, index the store locator page for relevant searches.  A higher bounce rate on the store locator page may certainly be a bad thing. By measuring the parameters, you can try and optimize the locator page layout too to help the customers to get the needed information much quicker.

Along with above, consistently focus on further ongoing SEO tactics too to maintain your top positions over time.

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