Things You Must Know About CISSP Before You Opt for It

How to prepare for the CISSP?

You may have plans in mind to sit for the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) exam. But do you know how you should prepare for this or what to do for the best results? Do you know why you are doing this or are just following the advice of a friend or well-wisher blindly? If you are still not equipped well with all the needed information, then you must gather them for a better understanding. You must know what to expect from the professional IT course, and what you can achieve with this certification.

One of the high valued IT professional courses

The CISSP exam is one of the most valued exams, and the course takes you through a curriculum, which prepares you totally to take on cybersecurity to the next level with your skills and expertise post certification. The course is highly preferred in the IT industry, and there are strong reasons for it. Simply the eligibility criteria for fulfilling 5 years of professional work to take this course indicate the difficulty level of the course.

After completing the certification, the expert gets ready to take up any project in cybersecurity. Threats against cybersecurity are countless, and breaches happen now and then in the tightest of security models too. That is why to cope up with the new security threats and save critical systems from security breaches; every organization must have some of the best in the industry information security professionals. The CISSP program cultivates such individuals out of the experienced IT professionals. That is why, one who has completed the certification gets eligible to conceptualize an information system security model, design it from scratch, implement the engineering and technology, monitor the development, use any team with coordination for this, and manage things right from the beginning till the end until the process gets functional. Even after that, the expert continues to manage the process, handle its operations, modify problem areas and improve it, and continue troubleshooting and supervising it for the best working.

How tough is the CISSP test?

The CISSP test involves 8 domains. The test questions would be from all of the eight domains. To pass through, you must have completed at least 2 domains really well. It takes 6 hours to complete the test. You have to answer 250 questions. The total pass marks are 1000, where the passing score is 700. And to pass the test very dedicated preparation is required. Therefore, if you really aspire to be a CISSP certified, then you must take this test seriously and prepare for it with extreme hard work.

How to prepare for the CISSP?

No test can be prepared for without training. You would need the study materials and would need training too. Then only can you get prepared to take the test. But being a professional, you cannot attend a full-time course. That is why the CISSP has been made available online. The course materials and full training can be obtained online by enrolling for this course from a reputed online teaching institution, which enables you to give the test and get certified with ISC2 CISSP.

How your career grows with CISSP

Once you get designated as a CISSP professional, you can then grow your career in various ways and can work in various information security related job roles. Although CISSP certification awarding (ISC)2 does not itself guarantees a job, and doesn’t tell you that it takes responsibility for any job, but it’s still known globally that you can get a great job from the completion of this course. That’s because CISSP itself fulfills great criteria; it makes you eligible to handle and develop extremely efficient cybersecurity systems. 

As per a survey was done in 2017 by CRN magazine, CISSP has been ranked as the 4th best IT certifications for professionals to earn better and find better paying prestigious jobs. Surveys done on the earning potential and average salary of CISSP certified IT professionals. It was found out that the CISSP professional draws an average salary of $101000 while a non-certified professional can earn around $87000. A CISSP professional may work in various job roles concerning cybersecurity. They may be a manager a process supervisor, an engineer, analysts, an IT architect, a system admin, and many such varied roles. That’s because they have the concept of information security system development, maintenance, and troubleshooting very fluid.


If you are aiming for the CISSP course, make sure you find a good place to start it. The institution matters because they will be giving you the study materials and training, and would be the medium to give the test. Therefore, the choice of the institution would help you better in completing with challenging course in a short time successfully.

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