How to enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

Dark Mode in Messenger

You might have heard of Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger, but since this feature is not listed as a default setting in Messenger. We have here shared steps on how you can activate the hidden Dark Mode feature in Facebook.

You have first make sure to update the Facebook Messenger app to the latest version from Play Store if you are Android users, and need to update it from itunes if you are iPhone users.

How to enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger?

1. Open Facebook Messenger

2. Select any contact or yours own contact name and tap on it to open the chat window

3. Tap on the emoji button from the chat window

4. Now, scroll vertically and look for Crescent moon emoji

5. Tap on the Crescent moon emoji (CANNOT be the moon emoji with the face, but it must be the left-facing, crescent moon emoji) to send it

crescent Moon emoji

6. Once it is sent, there will be a shower of moon emoji on the window and the app will prompt a message saying “You have found Dark mode”.

Found the Dark Mode option

7. Tap on “Turn on in Settings” button from the prompt or you can tap on the profile picture to open Settings

Dark Mode Toggle

8. Turn on the toggle in front of the Dark option mode.

Enable Dark Mode

But, even after following the above provided steps you do not get the option to enable Dark mode. Then, possible Facebook may have not rolled out the feature to your account yet.

If, you have enabled the dark mode by following the steps hurrah we hope you enjoy your new emo mode!

Share your thoughts on the Dark Mode in Facebook messenger in the comment section below. We would love if you can share other methods to enable Dark Mode in Messenger.

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