Nokia 9 (TA-1094) surfaced with 5-camera lens on the back

Nokia 9 with 5 camera lens on the back

A prototype of the Nokia smartphone has surfaced in China with 5-camera lens on the back. The rumors are this Nokia phone that has a model number TA-1094 will be released as Nokia 9 sometime early next year. Earlier rumors revealed that Foxconn is working to design and will manufacture the phone.

There are 5 lenses arranged in 1-1-3 formation, one LED flash, an unknown sensor on a circular ring on the back of phone. But, seriously we believe even if there are 5 cameras, should the flash not be placed in the middle? However, since, there is no visible fingerprint sensor also on the back, it may be possible that Nokia 8 will be released with an in-display fingerprint sensor or 3D face unlock like Apple.

As, far as specification is concerned it is rumored to pack a 5.9-inch Quad HD OLED screen, Snapdragon 845 up to 8GB of RAM and OZO audio. We can also expect the PureView to come back with Nokia 9 as HMD Global recently acquired ‘PureView’ brand that Microsoft acquired right after the purchase of Nokia’s Devices and Services business back in the day.

Because, Nokia is daring to innovate we hope Nokia to bring us more surprises and look forward to it. Stay tuned with our website for more News on Nokia 9 smartphone. Let us know in the comment how does this Nokia 9 with 5 camera lens on the back looks?


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