Google Play Best Of 2018 Awards on Google Play best apps and games announced

Google Play Best Of 2018 Awards

Today Google announced the list of Google Play Best Of 2018 Awards. We have listed down the Google Play best apps and games during 2018 on Android smartphone for you same as Google Play Best of 2017. The announcement list includes best apps in US, India and globally also. For, the year 2018 best android app on Google Play is “Drops: Learn 31 new languages” and Best Game on Google Play “PUBG Mobile”.

For the first time ever, Google have added a new “Fan Favorite” category, giving users a chance to vote for their favorite game, app and movie of the year. For, US “PUBG MOBILE,” “YouTube TV” and “Avengers: Infinity War” have been crowned as the first-ever Fan Favorites in the U.S. While, the app which has top the list as best Fan Favorite app is YouTube TV in US and Google Pay (Tez) in India.

Here we have listed down the Google Play Best Of 2018 Awards list on games and apps:

Best app of 2018

Best and Fan Favorite Game of 2018

Fan Favorite App of 2018 

Most Entertaining apps on 2018

Most Innovative Games

Most Competitive Games

Best Hidden Gems

Best Self-Improvement

Best Daily Helper

Best Casual Games

You can check the complete list on Google Play. For, more detailed list please check out Google Blog here for the most popular apps, games, music, movies, TV shows and books globally in 2018.

Let us know your thoughts on Google Play Best Of 2018 Awards, in the comment section below.

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