How to make Notifications deliver quietly in iOS 12?

How to make Notifications deliver quietly in iOS 12

The improvements in Notifications is one of the best features which was introduced by Apple in iOS 12. The company has introduced ways to allow the users to have more control over the notifications now than ever before. Here in this post, we are going to talk about something that is related to Notifications in iOS 12.

How to make Notifications deliver quietly in iOS 12?

The steps which we are going to share now will let you silence the notifications very quickly and remove them from the lock screen. However, they will still be available in the Notification center and you can go there to see whenever you want to have a glance at the Notifications.

So shared below is the steps to deliver notifications quietly in iOS 12:

  • After you get a notification on the lock screen, swipe on the notification from right to left.
  • Doing so will reveal three options – View, Manage and Clear.
  • Tap Manage.
  • Now, you can choose Deliver Quietly to disable notification sounds from that app and to hide those notifications from the lock screen.
  • To reverse the same, you will have to go to Settings > Notifications and choose the app you snoozed in the previous step. Then select Lock Screen, Banners and tap the button which is near the Sounds.

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