How to turn off iPhone X?

how to turn off iPhone X

Every time an iPhone is released, the prices of the iPhones which were launched in the previous years get a major drop to woo the customers. Just like the old times, the iPhone X has also got a small price cut and it is currently available in India at a price starting from Rs 85000.

Since its price has come down, there are more chances that any of us have it in our hands right now. iPhone X is one of the smartphones that stirred a revolution in the hearts of people. All thanks to its new design for that which removed the traditional home button of the company.

As there are many changes in iPhone X, it is highly important to know that you are good with the basics of the smartphone. Here in this post, we are going to talk about one such a basics. Yes, you’ve got it right. We are going to discuss how you can turn off iPhone X smartphone.

How to turn off iPhone X?

  • To turn off iPhone X, the most important thing to be known as the location of the buttons and when they have to be used.
  • Hold down the power key on the right and the volume button on the left. That’s it.
  • And now the screen would display a slider to turn off the smartphone along with “Emergency SOS” in the middle of the smartphone.
  • Now, simply slide your finger all the way from left to right on the top option to turn off iPhone X.

We hope this post has helped you in understanding how you can turn off the iPhone X smartphone.

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