How to use Amazon Alexa Whisper feature?

amazon whisper feature

Alexa might be very good. But most of the time, it is very loud. This is not very helpful when you have a baby at home who needs to sleep or you’re trying to order something when you are down. The developers of Amazon has finally listened to this plea from the users and pretty soon, you are gonna see a new feature, Whisper Mode on your smart speaker.

How to make Alexa Quiet?

Notice that this feature will be helpful only if it can be triggered automatically whenever you want it. And fortunately, you can. You will have to whisper your command to Alexa and it will whisper you back. This feature can be found on Echo Speaker or other Alexa devices when you are both offline or online.

You will find this Whisper feature very soon in October if you are living in the United States. There is no any word regarding the release in other regions as of now. By the time, you read this post, you must have already got this feature.

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