Truthify App Uses AI to Detect Your Emotions. And Yes, it is real !!

truthify ai app emotions

The world has seen several apps in genres ranging from messaging to entertainment. But has there been any app that could identify your emotions? Nothing of that sort till date to my knowledge. Well, to fill in this gap, a new messaging app is coming to the iOS app store with the help of AI. The Truthify app tries to read your face, while watching a video, and sense the emotion you feel. This app is currently available for download on iOS app store with in-app purchases. The Android users will have to wait for a while to see it in the PlayStore.

This latest revolutionary app makes use of the newest emotional artificial intelligence (Emotion AI) to read around 43 facial muscles 14 times in a single second with the help of front camera of the smartphone. The app provides results on seven emotional states such as surprise, sadness, contempt, happiness, disgust, anger and fear.

How Truthify App works?

The Truthify app works in conjunction to identify your emotion while you are watching a video from your friend. It makes use of the front camera to record and determine your reaction. Both the sender and the recipient can see the results of the emotion in real-time with top two emotions given priority. And these top two emotions are displayed with percentages.

Though this app can really be exciting in revealing the emotions during chatting, it will be interesting to see if how many will install it on their smartphones. Because at the end of the day, I would choose to reveal my emotions in a chat only if I am comfortable with it. The motive of this app also doesn’t seem to be aiming at the social play, but to help the media and marketing agencies, marketers, brands, political campaigns and civil leaders gather authentic audience feedback.

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