Apple is following the right path to retain its superiority over other brands

apple is following right path

Apple is known to be the best for a reason. For years, it has been winning the hearts of the people not only through its products such as iPad and Apple Watch but also through its magic accessories like keyboard, trackpad, and mouse. Each one of these products comes with exceptional features that will get you addicted to Apple’s ecosystem.

But, in terms of selling Desktop PCs and laptops, the company was facing criticism for the past couple of years. There was no value in buying the laptops/desktops other than just for the sake of owning an Apple gadget. Because there were only fewer customization options and even the higher-end models were working more like the cheaper ones. And unless you were a true Apple ecosystem user, you wouldn’t be excited in terms of performance.

apple 2018 macbook pros india
The Latest 2018 Edition of the 2018 MacBook Pro is up to 70 % faster

But everything started changing in the year 2017. The company introduced several new products including iMac Pro, a stunning tablet in the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. And a few days ago, Apple launched its 2018 editions of MacBook Pro models that promise up to 70 percent additional performance than the old hardware. And again, it is going to be sold almost at the same price. True beauty, isn’t it?

You can get up to 4.8 GHz clock speed using turbo boost and the addition of a DDR4 chip means the users will be able to upgrade to 32 GB RAM if 16 GB RAM is not sufficient. Additionally, there is also a new AMD Radeon Pro chip with 4 GB of video memory. If you would look at the timeline of launches for the past two years from Apple, you can clearly see that the company is paying attention to the needs of its users.

I am really happy to know that Apple is taking good care of its pro-level customers. There are several positive and negative views in the market regarding the recent launch. But, as far as my knowledge and experience in using Apple products is concerned, I feel like the company is still dominating not just in terms of share, but also in terms of the performance of the devices.

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