Android Messages new features for better messaging experience

Android Messages new features

Google has been working on improving the messaging experience on Android, now finally they are bringing five new features to Android Messages application. Google also said that these Android Messages new features brings messaging experience available on multiple devices, users can share whatever they want following easy actions on messages with Google AI.

The Android Messages for web is starting to roll out today that lets users send and receive texts from computer. To use Android Messages Web, first you need to install the latest version of the Android Messages app. Then, you need to scan the QR code to pair the mobile app to that computer. The SMS messages will be send using a connection from your computer to your mobile, which includes the carrier fees as usual. The new features will be rolled out over the next week for Android Messages app.

The Five Android Messages new features

1. Messages for Web

The Android Messages for web, will let the users to Send and receive texts from their computer one mobile device is paired with it. The Messages for web lets users send stickers, emoji, and attach images in addition to sending text. To get started, you need to select “Messages for web” in the menu of your Messages mobile app.

2. Smart Reply

When we are messaging the new smart reply feature will be available, that suggests quick text or emoji responses to your messages. As, of now the Smart Replies will be available only in English, more languages will be added over time.

3. Search for GIF

Now, you can Search for and send the perfect GIF to conveys exactly what you mean, as one GIF is worth a thousand words. You need to just tap the + button on the left hand side of compose bar to search for GIFs.

4. Copy OTP with one tap

When you receive a message with an OTP (one-time password) or verification code from a secure site it is cumbersome to remember and type it again, now you can just tap on it to copy and use it with charm.

5. Preview of links

Just like in other messaging apps, now the Android messages will also show the preview of links in the conversation. Now, you know that on which link you are going to click.

You can download the Android Messages app from Google Play Store.

Get it on Google Play

Let us know your views on the Android Messages new features in the comment section below, what do you think is it going to benefit Android Messaging feature any way as other messaging apps already have these features with more options.

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