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Google had announced its digital well-being initiative to help people better understand their digital habits at Google I/O event. Now, it seems like as part of this initiative the company is rolling out ‘Take a break reminder’ feature self-set timer within YouTube app. Once, set the take a break reminder will pause video while watching online until you dismiss it or resume playing the video. Today, YouTube is rolling out this feature for all Android users.

The Take a break reminder on YouTube will be available for only Android users on mobile phones, once they update the app to version 13.18.54. Once, your app is updated you can use the Take a break reminder feature, where you have the option to set the reminder to appear every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes.  The reminder will pause your video until you dismiss it or resume playing the video.

Since, the take a break reminder is “off” by default, even though you have updated your app you need to enable it manually, in case you want to use it.

How to enable take a break reminder feature

  1. Login to YoutTube app and tap on your Account icon.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. Tap on General.
  4. Tap on Remind me to take a break to enable it.
  5. Now, select your Reminder frequency.

While, watching video online on YouTube once the set frequency timer is reached, the reminder will show up. Now, you can either tap Dismiss to dismiss the reminder and continue watching the video or come out of the YouTube app to take a break. You can always tap on Settings to go directly to the Settings page, where you can turn off the reminder or edit the reminder frequency.

Google is certainly dedicated for the well-being initiative and we respect their idea of bringing out these feature and thinking about its user.

For Android users you can either download or update the YouTube directly from the Play Store.

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