Now get JEE Main exam results, and other exam like GATE, SSC CGL, CAT, and more information within Google Search now

JEE Main Exam results

Google launched a feature on Google search in India for students to help them look up for JEE Main exam results, right on Google Search now along with other exam like GATE, SSC CGL, CAT, and more. With this feature Google Search now offers easy access to popular exam information in India right within Google Search.

India being a Developing country I have also seen when I was student if you are studying you have only two options either be a Doctor or Engineer, there is no other go. Somehow I managed to become Software Engineer and yes it was tough to look for your exam scores while back in those days and I believe it is tough even now. But, somehow we managed to find the scores as it was so tough to locate the information with so many websites showing pages promising the exam scores. While even though if you find the correct link to check the scores after rigorous search it is for sure slow to load.

Rama Sharma, Senior Public Relations Officer, CBSE, said:

“At CBSE, we are always looking for ways to enhance facilities to millions of our students across the globe. We are collaborating with Google for smooth dissemination of results through an easy and secure platform,” 

JEE Main results

Google now announcing two new features to make finding exam information easier and more reliable.

JEE Main exam results

Now you can locate your JEE Main exam results quickly, securely and seamlessly either on smartphone or desktop. As, per Google the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has worked directly with Google to make the JEE Main exam results available on the Google Search results page as soon as they are announced. Now you can just search “JEE Main results” and enter the roll number and date of birth, the result will be displayed right within Google search. You don’t have to worry about anything as data is handled securely and used solely for the purpose of showing the results on Google, and only for the duration that this feature is live.

Other popular key exams in India

Now when you search for other popular exams in India like GATE, SSC CGL, CAT, and many more in Google search. You will see important information such as test dates right, along with the links to register, official test site within Google search. This makes it an easy experience for students to get ready for tests with an improved Search experience for popular Indian exams.

In India with over 260 million students enrolled in more than 1.5 million schools across the county, these two features will certainly provide secure access to education-related information.

Let us know your thoughts about the Google Search feature for JEE Main Exam results and other popular key exams in India. Share your experience with us in the comment section below.


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