How Can You Benefit From Rooting?

Benefit from Rooting

Should I root my Android phone or not? That is the most common question asked by most of the Android users. On the one hand, there are lots of cons like void warranty, bricking, but on the other hand, rooting can level up any Android and unlock its hidden features as well as potential.

Along with increased battery life, rooting can bring you more. And in our today’s article, we are going to lead you through the benefits of rooting. Before discussing the benefits of rooting, let’s start with some basic notions.

What Does Rooting Mean?

Rooting is a process of gaining root access (or superuser access) to device features and settings, and even to those that were earlier beyond the reach. And rooting allows you to alter any setting and even more.

Putting it simply, rooting allows modifications of the device’s software on the deepest level. Along with such overwhelming perks, rooting has a couple of drawback such as void warranty, chances to brick a device, sensitivity to viruses or hacking attacks, etc. But you know what? Rooting is worth trying.

Key Benefits of Rooting

  • Wider Choice of Apps

Once you root your Android device, you can install and use all the apps available on the Internet. You won’t be limited only to those available in the Google Play Store. Note, download apps only from trusted sources since your rooted device is more prone to viruses. With root access, apps can take the best out of your Android.

  • Custom ROMs

With root access, you can flash any custom ROM or Kernel you’d like. There is a dime a dozen of ROMs that can change the look and feel of your Android. And this means you can have a new device without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • No Pre-Installed Bloatware

Android devices are coming with lots of preinstalled apps that can do nothing but drain the battery and take up free space. And you can remove all that crapware in a few clicks on a rooted device. It’s not a big problem for rooted Android. You can delete anything you want to free up some space.

  • Ad-Free Experience

There is hardly a free app without ads since developers add ads to their applications to make some money. But still, ads can make anyone hot under the collar. If you’re also tired of ads in any apps, rooting is the best way.

Having rooted your Android device, you can take advantage of AdFree or AdBlock for blocking ads.

  • Latest Updates

With root access, you don’t have to wait long days and months for official OS updates. You can enjoy its newest features as soon as the update is released. Rooting allows getting the latest OS months before it is released, and often it comes with a few bonus features.

  • More Powerful Apps

There are lots of other useful apps apart from ads blocking apps mentioned above. But as a rule, they need root access for proper work. With root access, you can use:

  • carrier-blocked apps
  • incompatible apps
  • apps for increasing battery life
  • apps for speeding up CPU

Rooting allows you take the best out of your Android device and make it more powerful than ever before.

  • Increase Battery Life and Speed

You can increase the battery life or speed up your Android in a lot of ways. For example, you can close or delete manually the apps that you aren’t using.

But with rooting, you get more power with fewer efforts. You can install Greenify that will close all the apps automatically. Or you can take advantage of SetCPU for better performance and better battery life.

  • Full Backups

Better backups is another reason to root your Android smartphone or tablet. With root access, you can backup anything stored on your device even your game progress.

Titanium Backup is a backup app for rooted Android. It allows making complete backups of apps as well as hardware settings. With Titanium Backups, you don’t need to download and install apps when you move to a new device. You can restore all your data with Titanium.

Is It Safe to Root My Android Device?

Rooting doesn’t lead to any non-reversible changes. In case, you need to get your initial Android, you can do it anytime. Moreover, rooting doesn’t require any particular knowledge or skills. But if you aren’t sure whether you can do it on your own or not, you can always rely on the experts.


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