Google’s new YouTube Stories feature allows you to swap out your background without any green screen

Google Video segmentation

Google wants you to trick your friends that you are in another place, like by showing the background around you as night instead of day, or by showing that you are on moon. This can be done easily if you have a green backdrop screen and any good video editor. But just like any other coder in 2018, Google built a neural network which will allow you to do the same in a much easier way.

The Video Segmentation, as named by the company is going to be available on YouTube Stories on mobile for a limited number of users. If you are one of them, congratulations. It means that you are a beta tester for this program.

A lot of imagination seems to have been implemented in this feature. It would be very interesting to see if where the background ends and the foreground begins if you have a mobile like iPhone X that is equipped with depth-sensing camera. And moreover, it is very challenging to introduce this feature on mobile. That’s why the folks at Google came up with a convolutional neural network architecture.

The network has been developed in such a way that it could easily choose the common features such as shoulders and head besides providing a series of optimizations the amount of data it required to crunch in order to do so.

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