Digg Reader is shutting down!! Here is how to export your RSS feeds on Digg Reader !!

digg reader shut down how to export rss feed

If you are an RSS feed reader, there is a sad news for you. One of the most popular RSS services, Digg Reader is shutting down on March 26. This news claims the fact that the RSS feed is nearing its end. Back in March 2013, Google decided to end its Google Reader.

Google Reader was one of the best RSS feed reading service available at that time and several fans across the world were hurt after its ending. However, there were some replacements and newbies in the game though.

Digg Reader was one of those newbies which were delivered more than what Google Reader was offering to its users. But, it is now going to shut down very soon unfortunately. If you are a Digg Reader user, then you must have got the following message by now.

Digg Reader is shutting down on March 26, 2018. Bummer, we know. Export and download your feeds and folders from digg.com/settings and you can add those to another reader product. Don’t worry! You can grab your feeds after Reader is gone. Digg will still exist, and you can contact us at support@digg.com if you have any trouble. We love you.

If you are a Digg Reader, you can consider the alternatives such as NewsBlur, Panda and Feedly. You may also export your feeds from the Digg Reader and it is super easy.

How to export your feeds on Digg Reader?

  • All you need to do to export your feed on Digg Reader is just navigate to digg.com/Settings and scroll down to export and then download the group of feeds you are subscribed to.
  • Now choose the location where you want to save the OPML XML file and that’s it.

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