Google Photos makes Themed Movies from your photos in the library

google photos themed movies

Google Photos has got a new update which will make use of the built-in artificial intelligence to create theme movies using your current photos. One must know that this feature to create movies is not a new thing and people have used the Google Photos itself in several instances to create the movies using photos. Anyways, there is a difference in the currently introduced feature though. You will be able to make theme based movies.

For instance, you could develop a theme based movie for the upcoming Valentines day. The app also comes with other themes such as “They Grow Up So Fast”, “Meow Movie”, “Doggie Movie”, “Selfie Movie”, “Mother’s Day Movie”, “Father’s Day Movie” and “In Loving Memory”.

You will be able to create a theme movie by navigating to the Assistant tab and then tapping on the Movie option. For those of you who want to create a movie from the desktop devices, the company has provided a web link as well.

After choosing your suitable theme, the application will make use of the machine learning to create your movies. To make things even better, the Google Photos will also add a worthy soundtrack. The Google Photos for iOS and Android comes with the ability to change the soundtrack in the background.

To make your Valentines Day more interesting, the Google Photos has also introduced an option to let you share your library directly with your partner.

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