Google Assistant to introduce support for nearly 30 languages

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The Google Home Max is the best smart speaker in this world. Nobody can win a debate on this now. We all know that. Still, it is far getting on the hands of the people across the world. Because, only a fraction of the humans do speak in English. But, the Google is making plans to make its Google Assistant go global by introducing support for more than 30 languages.

Nick Fox, VP of Product at Google said,

We’ll bring the Assistant to Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish and Thai..”

In the upcoming weeks, the Google Assistant will be available in these languages in Android as well as the iPhones. Moreover, the company is also in plans to make the voice assistant as multilingual as possible so that friends or families who speak more than one languages can easily interact with it.

Google is also in plans to expand the functions and power of the Google Assistant to the next level by letting it to control the functions inside any app. The company is reportedly working on this feature with a few OEMS to make this a reality.

The search engine company will also join hands with the carriers to allow them to provide better customer insights, get customer support and more. In the upcoming weeks, the Google Assistant will be able to assist you in your routines. Finally, you will also be able to add reminders based on a location with the Google Assistant on your phone.

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