Samsung introduces Q9S 85-inch 8K QLED TV with AI technology at CES 2018

Samsung 8K QLED TV with AI technology

In addition to the introduction of ‘The Wall’ 146-inch modular TV, Samsung Electronics has also unveiled the latest Samsung 8K QLED TV with AI technology at the CES 2018 event. This brand-new AI Technology we are talking about relies on machine learning that analyses content and upscale low-resolution images to 8K picture quality automatically.

The latest Samsung 8K QLED TV with AI technology renovates all pictures to 8K irrespective of its original resolution or method of transmission. Though the market is already occupied with products that can support the 8K resolution, only less 8K content is available from the providers and video makers. In that case, this AI technology by Samsung is going to give the 8K admirers a huge relief.

The QLED TV is packed with a database that learns and analyses millions of images in advance to change the low-resolution content to 8K high-resolution. When the gadget encounters any low-resolution content, it chooses the optimal filter and then would convert the source into a high-quality image. This in a way increases the image processing by 64 times without compromising gradation.

Samsung 8K QLED TV with AI technology

It separates elements of picture quality in the source via black/blooming/brightness by scene to generate pictures with richer and much detailed contrast. The Samsung 8K QLED TVs with AI technology will be launched in the second half of CES 2018 event.

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