Private Conversation on Skype with end-to-end encryption? How to do it

private conversation on skype

Microsoft has joined hands with the popular private messenger, Signal to introduce an experimental feature called “Private Conversations” on Skype app with end-to-end encryption. We all know that the Signal is known widely appreciated across the world with its privacy tag. You must note that this end-to-end encryption that we are talking about will be available only in the individual conversations and not in group chats.

Smart move huh Microsoft? Coz, the popular messaging app WhatsApp is currently under scanner for a security flaw in the group chats. However, this end-to-end encryption will cover not only video or audio calls, but also the audio messages, files and chat. Let’s now have a look at how to start a private conversation on Skype with end-to-end encryption?

How to start a private conversation on Skype with end-to-end encryption?

  • To begin a private conversation on Skype, first click or tap on the ‘+’ icon.
  • Now choose New Private Conversation
  • Pick the contact with whom you would like to have a private conversation. The app will take you to a new chat with them.
  • Once you send an invitation to the chosen contact, it will alert them to accept the same. The invitation will be valid for 7 days after which you will have to create another new invitation. It means that in case if the chosen contact doesn’t accept the invitation for 7 days, you will have to create a new invitation on the 8th day.
  • Say if the contact accepts your invitation, the app will begin a new chat and the conversation will be private.
  • You must note that the private conversations initiated on a device will be particular only to the same device. It means that these conversations are not synced across the devices.
  • You can delete the private conversation just like how you do with the regular chat. In case if you want to recover a private conversation, you will have to initiate another invitation with the same contact and the app will resume the chat from where you left off.
  • You can also end a private conversation on Skype by going to the chat header and choosing End Private Conversation.

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