Google Pay is a combination of Android Pay and Google Wallet in one service

Google Pay

According to Google, the days of Android Pay and Google Wallet are over. The company is going to merge both these services into one called Google Pay by making it an unified payment solution across the platforms. Google Wallet peer-to-peer payments service was initially introduced back in the year of 2011. It was later launched in India as Tez. The search engine company had also introduced Android Pay mobile payment service in 2015 to allow the users to pay with their Android smartphones.

With the introduction of Google Pay now, it will be less confusing for the customers and also easier to use the payment information to the Google Account to check out the payments on a rapid pace.

Google said,

“Over the coming weeks, you will see Google Pay online, in store, and across Google products, as well as when you’re paying friends.”

The search engine giant has promised that this new service will be integrated to the Tez app in India very soon. To grab more users to use this service, Google is providing offers and discounts on several platforms like $10 off your Instacart order of $35+, $5 off a Fandango ticket and  $10 off any $50+ order at B&H. Google Pay is already available on major services like Instacart, HungryHouse, Fandango, Dice and Airbnb.

Google Pay

What are your views on the digitized payment services like PayTm and Google Pay? Do you think Google Pay will overtake PayTm in India?

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