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Mark Zuckerberg, who is famous for his New Year resolutions has announced that his main aim for 2018 would be to make Facebook a better place. No wonder that Mark has taken a decision like this, because the site was a platform for several controversies including the fake news during the US elections in last year.

The company introduced tools recently to improve the newsfeed by improving the interaction between the family and friends. Today, the Facebook has added one more change which will allow the users to select the type of news that they want to view from the trusted sources.

Facebook is improving features to make the news from publications which the community reviews as dependable. You know, we are talking about the type of news which you rate as informative. The company has also stated that it will start testing the news from the sources that have been rated as trustworthy.

The social networking site will start using the data samples of the users from US to check their trust and familiarity with several sources of news. This testing which begins in US initially will expand later to other countries as well.

Facebook is said to use “Today In” section to display the news and events from the local and other regions. This will be a challenge for the publications that have small range of followers.

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