Advanced Google search trick to get the desired result like a pro

Advanced Google search trick

Google Search is the most used search engine in the world with more than 3 billion searches each day. But, while you do the search, result appears based on the PageRank that extends up to multiple pages and at times you have to look, if result has your exact answer or not. That’s why in this post we have shared the advanced Google search trick, so you can get desired result in the first page itself.

Although, page appears based on a priority rank system in Google Search. There are different options to do advanced Google search using symbols to include or exclude and require specific search behavior that can make a huge difference in the search result quality.

Advanced Google search trick to get the desired result

What it does: Find and shows sites that link to your specified domain
Example: “link:”

What it does: shows results with your first search term in the URL and second term in content.
Example: “inurl: mobile review”

What it does: Shows the results of blogs with the search phrase in the title
Example: “inblogtitle: play video in MX player during call”

What it does: shows result with a single term in the title
Example: “inposttitle: gym exercises”

What it does: it acts as a placeholder for the search term
Example: “* is the key to success”

What it does: shows results with numbers between the two you have indicated
Example: “laptop $325..$425”

What it does: shows results to pages with the terms in the content
Example: “allintext: iOS 11 pros and cons”

What it does: shows sites with your search term in links
Example: “allinanchor: running”

What it does: shows sites with your search term in links
Example: “allinurl: cupcake”

What it does: shows content that is written by your searched author
Example: “alinpostauthor: Mark Twain”

What it does: shows the meaning of a word you are looking for
Example: “define: technophile”

What it does: shows the cinemas that are showing that film and at what time
Example: “movie: avatar”

There are several other tricks as well like using quotes to search an exact phrase or like minus to get the search result after removing mentioned phrase.

Let us know in the comment section below if you have used these advanced Google search trick and if there is something that we can include in this post.

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