Movavi Video Editing Software Review

The need for editing videos is increasing day after day. With the invasion of smartphones that has HD display and faster means of internet connectivity, people around the world watch videos mostly to explore new things and understand them in a better way. For video creators like me, the most important step would be to pick a video editor which has a lot to offer in terms of transition effects and filters.

There are a lot of video editing software in the market at present. And some of them are available even on the smartphones with the basic features. But as the video marketing is becoming very competitive, I would choose to find an application that is available on all the platforms. My current choice is Movavi Video Editing software which is packed with multiple features like picture-in-picture mode, audio editing tools, webcam capture, built-in media with backgrounds, music, and much more.

As our site is known widely for delivering the latest upcoming software that are going to make a mark in the gadget world, I thought it would be better if I’d write a review on Movavi for our readers. I know you are excited and want to know more about this application that’s creating wonders. If yes, keep scrolling down to read more.

Movavi Video Editing Software Review

I will give you a detailed review on Movavi across the Interface, Features, Performance and the Pricing Sections.


The developers of Movavi needs appreciation for creating a clean and simple interface which would help even the beginners. All the important tabs such as Transition and Media are placed on the right side and the arrangement of everything is not confusing either. You can easily drag and drop the media items on to the timeline with much ease. In my experience as a vlogger, I had to add the audio additionally and the built-in audio editor really helped me on this regard to enhance the listening experience of my videos.

Video Editing Software

A simple tour by clicking on all the tabs will give you a complete overview on what everything is all about unlike the other video editing software in the market.


Movavi comes with built-in media such as music, sound, backgrounds and video clips to make your final video look much professional.

It also lets you to remove any motion distortions to enhance the overall video quality.

Using the picture-in-picture mode, you can add many videos at the same time on the screen.

The Audio editing tools will help you to remove noise, normalize audio, apply special effects and adjust the audio frequency. It also detects the audio rhythm to match with the tempo of your project.

You can also capture videos right away from your web camera in Movavi.


The Movavi clearly makes use of the 64-bit and multi-core processing to let you edit the videos very smoothly. There were no any lagging issues and the output videos were also getting exported very smoothly. If you are someone who wants to edit the videos in a short span of time, you will certainly fall in love with the Movavi Video Editor.

Video Editing Software

Pricing and Availability

Movavi is available across all the major platforms such as Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. It also comes in trial version which will help you to try your hands on the application without purchasing it. But, if you want the video editing to be done so fast and get an outstanding output finally, you should just go ahead and purchase the Movavi without even thinking twice.

Let us know your thoughts about the Movavi video editing software in the comments section below.

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