How to see if you have liked any Russian troll accounts on Facebook?

We’ve earlier reported that the Facebook will come up with a tool to let you check if you have liked any Russian Propoganda pages. The social networking company has now finally released the tool as promised in the last month. It will let the users to see if they have followed or liked any of the pages or pieces of content that went online during the a massive attempt at mass manipulation like Russian troll accounts.

Ever since the announcement of the tool, the people were eagerly waiting for it. Now, at last it seems like the Facebook is providing it more like a Christmas gift to the people. This can also be seen as a move by the company to let the tool to get only less attention considering the less amount of online activity during this period of time. Well, Congratulations Facebook. We still didn’t get your real motives.

How to see if you have liked any Russian troll accounts on Facebook.

Follow the steps mentioned below to see if you are also a victim of the Russian troll accounts:

  • Navigate to web page of the tool to detect the Russian fan pages on Facebook.
  • It will then display if you have liked any of the accounts created by Internet Research Agency by Russia to let you know if you have followed or liked.
  • You can also log in to Instagram and see the same info.
  • Say if the box returns empty results, it means that you are not a victim of the Russian troll fan pages.

In the days to come, we expect other major tech giants to also come up with similar tools.

However, share us your views in the comments section below. Let us also know if you have any of these flagged fan pages.

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