Chrome on Android will support HDR videos very soon

chrome for android to support hdr videos

The introduction of the HDR video is the going to be the next trend in defining the qualities of the video. HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range increases the luminosity range and widens the Color space to provide stunning color accuracy and greater contrast. The support for the HDR videos has already been available on the Android OS since the days of Nougat. According to the recent reports, the Chrome for Android might receive the HDR support very soon.

A report by Mishaal Rahman from XDA says that two commits took place recently on Chromium Gerrit regarding this subject. While one of them was to extract VP9 HDR metadata from the video container and pass it to MediaCodec, the other is for setting the colour space and HDR metadata in Android.

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It means that the Chrome browser will support the HDR videos and if any website with the HDR content is seen, you can play it on the Chrome browser without any doubts.

At present, only a few platforms such as YouTube, Google, Apple, Amazon, Hulu and Netflix support this format. And almost all these platforms have their own apps to provide the video content in the HDR format.

Anyways, it will take some time to see the HDR support to be added by other websites as well. Moreover, not every smartphone in the market support the HDR format except the higher end ones. So we will also have to wait till our smartphones support this format. However, we can be sure that the upcoming trend is the HDR format.

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