Google to activate native-Ad blocking feature on Google Chrome from Feb 15, 2018

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As informed earlier, the Google is going to block the Ads in its native Google Chrome browser. The company recently announced that it will start doing it from Februray 15, 2018. It means that after this date, we will be able to view only the better ads and those annoying or intrusive ads will stop appearing on the Google Chrome browser.

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So, one must not think that this move by the Google will stop the display of the Ads entirely. Only the bad ones are going to be blocked and the good ones will still continue to remain on the sites. To make this happen, the company has been working with the publishers that they’re abided by the latest standards.

Due to the prior announcements, the publishers cannot complain about the non-display of the Ads on the Google Chrome browser. This move by the Google also means the end of those third-party Ad blockers in the browser.

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