Adobe Lightroom Auto Setting is now powered by AI

adobe lightroom auto setting

For photographers like me, the Adobe Lightroom is a blessing. It is something which helps my photos to cross the boundaries via simple means of editing. To make the application more interesting, the company launched an update for Adobe Lightroom auto setting today which will bring a new machine learning-powered auto setting to the service. This latest introduction relies on the Sense AI platform by Adobe to analyze your photos and compare it to the hundreds of professionally edited images in its cataglog. I am also assuming this photo to be compared with the ones in the Adobe Stock.

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The latest update is now available across Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC on the web, Lightroom CC for Android, Lightroom CC for iOS and Lightroom CC. The addition of this AI powered auto feature also signals us that the company might add more intelligence functions to its services later.

Abhay Parasnis, Adobe CTO had said during the MAX conference of the company earlier,

We have a very deep understanding of how creative professionals work in imagining, in photography, in video, in design and illustration.

This new AI update is the first major one ever since the Adobe split the application into Lightroom Classic CC and cloud-centric Lightroom CC. Do you use Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos? If yes, share us your views on the application in the comments section below.

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