YouTube to stop displaying suggested video links you have not clicked

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While watching any video on YouTube, have you ever clicked on any suggested video that appears? If not, you can be glad about it. Because the company is going to remove the ability to promote livestreams, playlists or videos via in-video notification as of December 14.

The video streaming giant has also revealed the reason. It seems that only a few users were really using this service and most of the other like me consider it as spam. Only 1 person was making use of this service for every 20 users.

YouTube is anyways sure that this removal will not lead to other serious issues. Because, the video suggestions outside the player in the form of cards and the ones that are shown at the end of the video are being used very effectively.

According to the information received by the Engadget, the YouTube will get rid of the current in-video notifications. It will be interesting to see if how the public will welcome this news.

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