Facebook merges stories on Facebook and Messenger apps

Facebook merges stories on Facebook and Messenger apps

You will not have to upload the stories on Facebook app and Messenger separately anymore. Because the company has merged the Stories on both the apps now. It means that you will have to add only one story for both the apps and the viewing will be synced.

Connor Hayes, the product manager at Facebook said,

“We needed to make it easier for people to share Stories across different apps. Some people actually thought these experiences were already connected. We feel like it would make sense.”

However, the cameras on both the apps will still be different with the main app focusing more on the effects such as the augmented reality masks while the messenger app focuses on editing captions and stylized text inviting friends to hang out.

This decision should have been taken by the social networking firm from the very beginning as many users were finding it confusing to open the Facebook and Messenger separately to view the stories of their friends. In fact, this new change will really increase the popularity of the stories.

At the same time, the company is also getting rid of the Direct Message feature. Instead all the messages of the stories will be via the Messenger app.

Facebook is also adding the privacy controls for the visibility of the stories. For instance, the you can adjust the privacy settings to a set of friends or friends only or public.

The stories in Facebook is still not being used very effectively in the app. However, it will be interesting to see if how the people will welcome this decision. Share us your thoughts about the same in the comments section below.

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