Pros and Cons of LG Q6; A quick review

pros and cons of LG Q6

LG Q6 in India has been launched with 5.5-inch full vision display at a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. The mobile is priced at Rs 14,990 exclusively via and will be available in Astro Black, Ice Platinum and Terra Gold colors in the sub-continent. If you are thinking about buying the Q6 device, we have listed the Pros and Cons of LG Q6 in this post. Though it is not going to be a complete review, our list will certainly help you take a decision, because it covers all the important aspects of the LG Q6 smartphone.

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Pros and Cons of LG Q6

Let us first have a look at the advantages of the LG Q6


  1. The display in Q6 sports a 5.5-inch screen and comes with 18:9 Aspect ratio. For those of you who are display-lovers, you are going to love the display that comes in LG Q6 smartphone. It is very smooth and you can compare it with Galaxy S8 or LG G6 in that regard.
  2. If you want a 5.5-inch display smartphone and also want it to be small and fit perfectly in your hands, go ahead and buy the LG Q6 smartphone. We found it very easy to hold in our hands.
  3. The screen quality is very good in the price range of Rs 15,000 in India. The LG really needs appreciation for integrating a very good screen in a mid-range smartphone.
  4. The LG Q6 is packed with all the necessary sensors such as the compass, proximity, gyro and accelerometer sensors. It works like a sunshine to watch YouTube 360 degree videos.
  5. The design looks very premium although the back is made of plastic.
  6. LG integrated Snapdragon 435 in the Q6 smartphone, but the multitasking works like a charm without any hindrances. There were also no any lagging issues in our experience.
  7. The mobile comes with 3 GB RAM and the entire RAM management is done very efficiently.
  8. There are two SIM slots and one microSD card slot.
  9. The front camera is good for selfies. You can also take videos with the front camera as it captures visions on a wide scale.
  10. The audio quality via headphones is very good.
  11. It looks like LG is also updating the phone regularly as the LG Q6 is running on the latest security update (August security update from Google). You must note that by the time you read this post, there might be a difference in the update.


Listed below are the disadvantages of LG Q6:

  1. A fingerprint sensor is missing in the smartphone. That’s why you will have to use your hands to unlock every time.
  2. You have the option to unlock the smartphone using facial recognition. But let me tell you how it works in simple words. It sucks. Because you need the light all the time and it does not work as accurately as for how it works on the high-end devices.
  3. The battery is non-removable. The battery life is very average for heavy users. In our experience, after using the smartphone for around 4 hours, the battery drained completely.
  4. The mobile is good at multitasking, but after opening several apps at once for a little while, you will find the back portion little warm.
  5. The audio level on the loudspeaker is good, but the quality is average.
  6. There is no any physical LED notification. So, you will have to unlock the smartphone always to see if you have got any message or missed call.

These are the major advantages and disadvantages of LG Q6 smartphone. Though we have compiled only the pros and cons, this post will definitely to help you take a decision on whether you have to purchase the Q6 smartphone or not. Let us know your decisions in the comments section below.

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