Secret Annual Subscription plan – Apple Music, How to save $20 / Rs 1200?

As a music lover, I can say without even thinking twice that the Apple Music is the best audio streaming app available for both iOS and Android users. If you have used the app, then you probably know that you don’t have to stream the soundtracks always, all thanks to the offline mode for that.

Every service by Apple comes at a price. In India, the Apple Music is available at Rs 120/month. However, there is an additional secret annual plan which is available at Rs 1200 ($99.99 in US) per year and it will help you to save Rs 240 (around $20 in US) per year. Here in this post, we are going to guide you on how to subscribe this secret plan.

The Secret Annual Subscription plan – Apple Music

For iOS users

Follow the steps mentioned below to subscribe the Secret Annual Subscription plan on iOS devices.

  • Open App Store and scroll all the way to the bottom of the home screen.
  • Tap on Apple ID and enter your pass word and then tap on ‘View Apple ID’.
  • Once you are navigated to the next page, tap on Subscriptions button, under which you will be able to view the preferences of Apple Music membership.
  • The Individual (1 Month) plan is the default plan in Apple Music. To switch to the annual secret plan, tap on ‘Individual (1 Year)’.
Secret Annual Subscription plan in Apple Music
Apple Music Plans for users in India

For Android users

Follow the steps mentioned below to subscribe the Secret Annual Subscription plan on Android devices.

  • Open the Apple Music app for Android.
  • Tap and hamburger menu, then tap on Profile photo.
  • Now tap on Manage Membership > Subscription to find the information on all the plans. Here you will be able to switch to other desired plans

Note: This way works only for users who are already using the Apple Music app. The newbies will have to first subscribe to Apple Music to choose this plan.

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