7 Simple Blogging Tips to make your blog post perfect

7 simple blogging tips to make your blog post perfect

You have been blogging for some time now and whenever you publish a post, you make sure that everything is perfect. But, it turns out later that nothing is perfect and the readers or your friends are not impressed. Do not worry. Every blogger goes through this phase, even the greatest ones. For your convenience, I am going to list down a few simple blogging tips which will help you grab the attention of the readers.

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7 Simple Blogging Tips

Good Featured Image

The featured image is the face of your post. Just like how you get attracted to a person with a beautiful face, readers on web open the posts that have good featured images. So even if it would take time, I’d advise you to be patient and work on to find a very good image and this will get the readers to click the post. And BOOM, you have gained a future visitor just now, because, I know that you are thinking about how to add attractive images for your future posts.

Catchy Introduction

If a person visits your website and leaves right away, it increases bounce rate and that’s not good as the site’s ranking and domain authority will be impacted. This is where the introduction plays a major role to force the readers to read the entire post. Do your homework, write a catchy introduction and the rest will be history. Try adding suspense by beginning with a question.


If you have faced any hindrances after starting the blog and have successfully overcome them, share them in your posts. This way you can gain the trust of the users. The same applies if you are writing a review post of anything. Try sharing that one problem you had faced and explain on how you were able to overcome it. But, this does not have to be added in every post. Add examples only if necessary.


If you can relate your post to something that your readers can understand, you have a much better shot at injecting the soul of content into their minds. In my experience, I found that the users shared most of my posts when I had compared the subject with another similar one. For example, if you are talking about Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, you can relate the mobile to its predecessor.

Fortune teller

Although the people do not believe in prediction, they love hearing it. If you can conclude any post by predicting its behavior in the long run, then you are only a few steps away from winning getting regular visitors. But, always make sure that you predict it correctly. If you are not confident about what you are going to predict, I’d suggest you not to try this way. It is advisable only for the experts.


Every blog post contains around 200 to 300 words and most of the readers open the post only if the title or the featured image is good. In such cases, you must never expect the reader to read each and every sentence. But, you can do so by highlighting the key points with different colors. I use orange and green colors to grab the attention of readers towards the important words in my post. And it always works.


Never try to copy the style of any other writer. As a blogger, you must have your own writing style to convey things to your readers. If the visitors of your blog like your writing style, they will spread the words of your blog themselves. Always remember one thing. The history has stories to tell about the unique ones.

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  1. Nice job Derin you are sharing a Very useful article about blog post improvement. The most important point is the catchy introduction I agree with you a eye catching introduction can play an important role in engaging your audience.

  2. These are some helpful tips Derin. This will surely help newbie bloggers while at the same time serve as a reminder to more advaned writers.

    1. Thank you Brian. We write every post in our blog after these conditions are met. The results are awesome.


  3. This is a very relevant article for me. I particularly like the idea of highlighting words . Also I use pixabay for images. As it’s free. Could you help me on which sites should I go to for images. I see you have liked my comment on the fb post , so could you give me feedback on my blog. It will be really helpful. Thanks

    1. Greetings to you Aesha.

      You may get the images from Flickr. Choose the creative commons and give credit to the creator of those images in your blog post.


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