Ola PWA (Progressive Web App) launched in collaboration with Google for slow internet users


Ola ‘Progressive Web App’ (Ola PWA) was launched in collaboration with the Google at the Google I/O developer conference. It is a lightweight mobile website aimed at users with slower internet connections especially in small cities and towns. OLA PWA will provide the similar app like experience in a browser without much hindrances.

OLA PWA will work on 2G connections and users will also be able to book offline in the website. As mentioned above, there is no much difference in the look and feel between the PWA app and smartphones app as you will find the Ola Care and Ola Money services in the PWA version as well. The PWA app loads in 3.4 seconds on 2G networks and according to the company, the app uses only 50KB data in the first payload and 10KB data on the succeeding loads.

The users will also be able to book the Ola cab via PWA app in all the categories and pay for their rides using the Ola Money service. Other choices like ride later options, drop locations, use of maps for pick-up, OTP verification before beginning the ride is available in the Ola mobile web browser as well.

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