CTR in Google Adsense. What is it?

CTR in google adsense

The first few days in the world of blogging is all about strengthening the quality and quantity of the articles in a blog. After a few weeks or months when our blog is all set to acquire the trust of the viewers, learning new terms become very essential. Today, we are going to discuss about one of those terms, viz CTR in Google Adsense.

What is CTR in Google Adsense?

CTR is an abbreviated form for ‘Click Through Rate’. It is the number of times an advertisement is clicked by the number of viewers.

CTR = Number of clicks/ Number of viewers

Higher the number of CTR percentage you have, the chances to earn more increases at the same time. Shared below is how to calculate the percentage of CTR.

CTR % = (Number of clicks/ Number of viewers) * 100

In simple words, let’s say if 10 members out of 100 visitors clicked on the advertisement in your blog, the CTR percentage is 10%. The advertisements also depends on the CTR percentage. If your CTR percentage is high, you would get better advertisements. So, do not forget to place the advertisements at exact locations where the chance to get clicks is high.

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